Model Exposure (Haven Investigations #4)

Title: Model Exposure (Haven Investigations #4)
Author: Lissa Kasey
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Release Date: October 2nd 2017
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary Mystery / Romance
Page Count: 256 pages
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


After being rescued by Ollie, Kade continues to suffer the aftermath of his ordeal, both physically and psychologically. Not knowing how else to clear his head, he pours his energy into Ollie—the love of his life—and Haven Investigations, but neither Ollie nor Kade can continue to ignore what they learned from their last case: Ollie’s brother, Nathan, might have betrayed Kade.

As they dig into Ollie’s past, secrets are revealed. Was Nathan’s death a suicide? Were Ollie’s parents much more than they seemed? Is someone out to kill Ollie, or is it Kade’s past coming back to haunt them again?

Amidst questions and uncertainties, one thing is clear: after everything they have been through together, Kade and Ollie have never been more in love and they want to get married. But first, they’ll have to deal with the continued threat of Kade’s past, the emotional wounds Kade fears are drowning him, and the possibility that everything Ollie believed about his family was a lie. A beautiful happily ever after awaits them—as long as they can survive long enough to make it to the altar.

I have said this before, and I will say this again, I love this series. Lissa Kasey gets better with each installment.

There is a lot that has gone down with Kade and Ollie, and after the events in Model Investigator Kade is finding it very difficult to open up with Ollie and communicate well. Even though eventually everything is sorted out, this one put me through the ringer on the whole.

There is some great action, a really wonderful hurt/comfort thread throughout, and such palpable love between these characters. Sure, it’s sometimes codependent and possibly bordering on unhealthy, but it works for them both. And it works for me reading it.

I love how well Kasey incorporates the side characters in this series – just enough to help the story along, but not enough to take the focus off Kade and Ollie. The only thing I would have wanted to be different would have been a dual POV from both Kade and Ollie. Because it’s only from Kade’s POV the story sometimes jumped to an explanation of something that happened off screen because Kade wasn’t there to see it.

I also just really would have loved Ollie’s POV.

That aside, can I just, once again, give props on the realistic timeframe for when someone gets hurt? I love that Kasey doesn’t have characters bounce back from bullet wounds, or surgeries, or shock like they were nothing. I love that Kasey gives her characters time to heal.

I absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed this. I was totally engrossed and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I was so happy because all of my questions were finally answered. All in all I had a terrific time reading this.


Haven Investigations Series

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