The Slow Road To Hell (Tosha’s Review)

Title: The Slow Road To Hell (Elders Edge #1)
Author: Grant Atherton
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: Am 23,2017
Genre(s): Gay mystery, suspense, murder, killer, ex boyfriend, detective, second chances
Page Count: 235 pages
Reviewed by: Tosh
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Forensic Psychologist Michael MacGregor returns to his old home town when his estranged father, the local priest, is murdered in the first of a series of killings. Nathan Quarryman, the lover he walked out on years before and now the local Chief of Police, is tasked with investigating the crimes. The two men must find a way to settle their differences, repair their broken relationship, and work together to bring the killer to justice.

This was a really good book with a lot of drama, mystery, suspense and unfinished business. It was a book that you never knew what was going to happen next and you definitely did not know who the killer was until it was revealed at the end of the book,

Mickey has a lot of unfinished business with his ex Nathan when he returns to the town he grew up in. Leaving Nathan the way Mickey did and never getting in touch with him until his father was murdered was not the brightest thing that Mickey had done. Mickey is a smart man but does a lot of dumb things.

When ift comes to light that Mickey’s father did not die of a heart attack like everyone originally thought but instead was murdered, that is when things start to get dicey and quick like. Someone is trying to cover up what they have been up too and there is no clue to point out who it is. The only clues anyone can find is that whomever the killer is, he seems to be fixated on Mickey.

Nathan wants to forgive Mickey but it is not easy. Regardless of his feelings towards him, Nathan knows he needs to figure out who the killer is before he gets to Mickey and then they may never get the chance to work out if they have a chance to change the past mistakes.

I really enjoyed this read. It was so interesting reading how it was to all unfold. There was the element of surprise and the element of truth and hurt. I really enjoyed watching these these two men Wade their way through all the bad things they went through. It was really overall just a good read and I look forward to continuing their journey to possibly a happily ever after in the next book.

Elders Edge Series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of The Slow Road To Hell: A gay murder mystery provided by Grant Atherton in exchange of an honest review.


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