Camp H.O.W.L. (Susan’s Review)

Title: Camp H.O.W.L
House Line: Dreamspun Beyond #7
Author: Bru Baker
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: November 1st 2017
Genre(s): M/M Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 238 pages
Reviewed by: Susan
Heat Level: 1.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Moonmates exist, but getting together is going to be a beast….

When Adrian Rothschild skipped his “werewolf puberty,” he assumed he was, somehow, human. But he was wrong, and he’s about to go through his Turn with a country between him and his Pack—scared, alone, and eight years late.

Dr. Tate Lewis’s werewolf supremacist father made his Turn miserable, and now Tate works for Camp H.O.W.L. to ease the transition for young werewolves. He isn’t expecting to offer guidance to a grown man—or find his moonmate in Adrian. Tate doesn’t even believe in the legendary bond; after all, his polygamist father claimed five. But it’s clear Adrian needs him, and if Tate can let his guard down, he might discover he needs Adrian too.

A moonmate is a wolf’s missing piece, and Tate is missing a lot of pieces. But is Adrian up to the challenge?

This could have been better. And it started out so promising!

Every 19 year old werewolf will turn for the first time with the first moon after their 19th birthday. Well, except for Adrian. As the son of a very powerful Alpha, he feels like he disappointed his mother. But 7 years later he has accepted that he is and will always be human. So when he gets flu-like symptoms he is not thing about turning at all. But when he faints in the middle of the street and ends up in the hospital he recognizes the symptoms. Since he was on a business trip he is not near his pack so Adrian has no idea what to do.

And that’s where Tate comes in. Tate is a 32 year old counselor at camp H.O.W.L. A camp where young werewolves go through their first Turn. They might even bond with each other and end up with a Turnmate. All the counselors encourage the bonding, since it will help with the Turn.

But what Tate doesn’t expect is to feel an instant connection with Adrian once he walks into the hospital to pick him up and take him to camp with him. Once Adrian is settled at the camp it is very clear to all the other counselors that Adrian and Tate share a bond. And that’s why they want Tate to help Adrian with his Turn. But Tate doesn’t want to be a Turnmate. And he most definitely doesn’t want a Moonmate, which is very rare, but seems to be the thing with Adrian…

This book centers around one major thing and one thing only: Tate’s reluctance to have a mate and to be anything to Adrian. At first I was on board with this and could understand the hows and whys based on Tate’s past. But unfortunately this went on and on. And on. When I got to 90% and these guys were still no further in their relationship than at 25% I got tired of this book. In the last 10% we got some kissing, a frotting job (which was VERY short and disappointing, but they talked about it as if it was something AMAZING), and a very tentative HEA. I mean, Tate was such a guarded person, and he still was at the end. No hearts and flowers anywhere. Only a, yes sure, I love him and we’re in a committed relationship.

After all the time Tate pushed Adrian away I wanted some real romance, but we didn’t get it. I really wanted Tate to give in a little sooner. I wouldn’t say this book was angsty, because these guys build a solid friendship despite Tate not wanting to be mates. But I wouldn’t call this book romantic either. And I just wanted some romance because the rest of this story was quite good. So 3 stars it is.

Dreamspun Beyond

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