Title: Healing (Third Edition)
Author: Stevie Woods
Publisher: MLR Press
Release Date: September 2017
Genre(s): Futuristic/Paranormal
Page Count: 63
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

With Audin’s life in danger, Tener is willing to take the ultimate risk.

Two men, who were once best friends until they parted following a blazing row, meet up again bychance years later. Both men have experienced much during their years apart and life has tempered them.

Even though Tener is now a healer rather than the doctor he ought to have become, and Audin is an engineer working for an authoritarian government department, they discover they still have much in common. When Tener discovers Audin’s position has placed him at risk, they find themselves working together in the fight against a corrupt and increasingly dangerous government.

This title is a re-release.

Audin and Tener broke contact years ago, their friendship in ruins. They reconnect on the whim of fate. They are now both older and wiser.
Audin is ecstatic when he accidentally mets the man whose disappearance from his life he’d long since regretted. He hopes they will have another chance to be friends and doesn’t dare hope for more.
Tener is wary of Audin, but his deepest desires are the same as when he first met Audin. He is hopelessly attracted to other man, flaws and all. We got POVs from both characters and writing is lazy and flows easily.

It’s a well constructed story which managed to establish both believable connection between characters and plausible danger quickly.
I was invested in characters since they both weathered some storms, their beliefs and dreams changed, but the love they had for one another endured. It’s easy to see that now they have a real chance, since fate brought them to similar path. They wouldn’t have had a chance before but now they can build the life together.

I gobbled it in less than a day and can see myself reading it again to relax.

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