The Token Yank (NeRdyWYRM’s Review)

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Title: The Token Yank
Author: A.J. Truman
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: September 6, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 268 pages
Reviewed by: NeRdyWYRM
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 2 stars out of 5

Rafe’s Study Abroad Bucket List:
-See Stonehenge
-Get drunk (legally, for once!)
-Seduce a hot British guy (or five…)

After years of grand romantic gestures that went bust and left him perpetually single, Rafe wants nothing more than to shag his way through Jolly Olde England. He’s vowed to stop looking for romance and enjoy the next three months as the lone Yank in a sea of Brits at Stroude University.

But his “Operation: Slut” mission goes awry when he meets Eamonn. His Beatles-hating, raspy-voiced flatmate shows him a true Blighty adventure, one filled with downing Snakebites, shopping trips to Asda, fist fights, and liberal usage of the c-word.

For Eamonn, helping Rafe is a distraction from the uninspiring future waiting for him and a chance to forget about his ripped-out, stomped-on heart. In fact, Rafe may be the one to put it back together. That is, if the return ticket back to the States doesn’t pull them apart first.

I Feel Like I Need a Shower

Okay. It is not because this book turned me on. In fact, this book gave me the icky-squickies. I can’t describe how turned off I was by the main character in this story. My 15-year-old son is more mature than this kid whose parents must have insulated him from the entire world because, FFS, he was a walking train wreck and he came across as having the maturity level of a 13-year-old kid. Through no specific fault of the author, I found it horrifying.

Maybe it’s because I have teenagers. Maybe I’m too old to be reading about barely legals having sex. I thought almost-40 was the new 20, but maybe not. Maybe it’s just the way this one was written since I read YA and new adult titles occasionally and the sex and intimacy in those don’t bother me. I DON’T KNOW. But this book gave me the heebie-freaking-jeebies. The Creeper McCreeperson McCrawlies. My Chester Chester Child Molester instincts went bonkers. Again, this is an entirely personal reaction to the story and no fault of the author, who wrote a decent story. I just felt that the MC came across as a criminally immature character.

I did myself a favor and skipped the sex parts after the first ~~shudder~~ go ’round, but I still really couldn’t get into the story. The roommate was not who I expected him to be as a character after reading the blurb and I had a hard time getting into the flow of the ‘romance’ development between the two MCs. I almost hesitate to even rate this one because it hit all my pervy-in-a-bad-way buttons, but I did finish it by skimming over the sexy parts so …. ugh. Take this rating with a grain of salt, I guess.

I should probably entirely recuse or otherwise divorce myself from the review proceedings due to irreconcilable differences, but I feel I have to at least express my seemingly minority opinion on the relative appropriateness of writing smut about a character with the mentality of an adolescent. I’m appalled, frankly. It’s appalling.

Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know, but there you have it. I hated it. Read at your own risk.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of The Token Yank provided by A.J. Truman in exchange of an honest review.


I am a life-long reader and an avid learner. I remember reading books without pictures when I was about four, and raided every title on my parents’ full and intimidating book shelves—well, the ones they would let me read, anyway—from then on. Characters written by authors like Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, Robert Jordan, David Eddings, Terry Brooks, Anne Rice, Stephen King, Raymond E. Feist, Mercedes Lackey, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, and Anne McCaffrey were my childhood playmates.

Back then, I went nowhere unless I had a book in my hand. While the rest of my generation was shifting from cassettes to CDs and from Atari to Nintendo, Sega, and Playstation, I spent my allowance on Myth & Magic pewter figurines and on books at the Stars and Stripes bookstore. These days I don’t have a book in my hand anymore, at least not the printed variety. Instead, it’s any device with a Kindle app.

I stubbornly held on to the printed page until a military move weighed my book collection in at over a ton. Oops. Sorry-not-sorry, but I did have to exercise some pragmatism in that area, unfortunately. Now I only buy hardbacks from my favorite authors, the classics, or long-running series. Otherwise, I’ve surrendered to the times and our weight allowance and have gone all digital.

I stay strictly on the fiction side of the fence because non-fiction is generally too dry to hold my interest. I was always a scholar, and so have read enough textbook-like titles and required reading for school and college to last me a lifetime, thank you very much. So, non-fiction? No, thanks. However, barring non-fiction and biographies (ewww people), there’s not much out there I won’t read.

I have loved romance novels since I was prepubescent. Something about historicals and anything with horses, i.e., Native American inspired romances just did it for me. My grandmother was appalled that my parents let me read that ‘smut’ as she called it. I’d already justified my position on being allowed to read those controversial titles with a logical argument that there were a lot of historical facts in those books that couldn’t be learned in the classroom alone. And to this day, I maintain that stance. I have learned more from books, specifically romance and fantasy novels, than I ever did in a classroom.


My dad always said I was too smart for my own good. Looking back, he was probably right! I could logically talk my way into and out of just about anything. It’s served me well, but caused me no end of problems, too. That said, despite my love for the romance genre in general and the m/m romance genre in particular, there is little chance that a decent book of any kind will fail to catch my interest, and there’s nothing at all I’m unwilling to learn. So bring it on. I hope you enjoy my reviews.

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