Deviation From Destiny (Tosh’s Review)

Title: Deviation From Destiny
Author: Jordyn Monta
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: June 20, 2017
Genre(s): Supernatural, friends to lovers, closeted, cadets, coming out
Page Count: 226 pages
Reviewed by: Tosh
Heat Level: 3.8 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

BDSM themes. HEA.

Pedryllis: A raid on Pedryllis’s planet Weyntu at the young age of 10 left him with a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect other people. When his homeworld ultimately joined the Republic, Pedryllis knew he needed to join their space fleet. The only issue is the Numize are a touchless people, and Pedryllis’s own are the exact opposite. Trying to stave off skin insanity, Pedryllis takes to club Fetlix every chance he gets until one night he stumbles upon Revion in Fetlix’s famous Back Rooms trying to lose his virginity. Seeing an opportunity for frequent skin to skin contact, Pedryllis makes Revion an offer he can’t refuse. Pedryllis knows it’s a temporary solution to his problem, but as he and Revion grow closer, Pedryllis can’t help but dream of more with Revion.

Revion: Hailing from the upper echelons of the Republic, Revion is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps. He’s known from a young age that once he graduates from Owan Officer Academy he’ll enter an arranged marriage with a woman of similar stock, begin his career as a fleet officer, and ultimately become a general. However, Revion isn’t attracted to women, and the thought of spending his days on battle stations leaves him breathless with anxiety. In a last ditch effort to feel in control of his life, he enters into a sexual agreement with Pedryllis, only to find himself growing more attached than he ever intended. His feelings put him at odds with everything his parents planned for him, and he doesn’t know if he’s courageous enough to deviate from his destiny.

This book was a good read about finally standing up for ones self and becoming and doing what he wants.

Revion is from a family that has his path all set out for him. He will graduate from the academy and then he will work under the general. Not to mention he will engage in an arranged marriage to a woman he is never met or so he thinks anyway. This would be well in good if Revion was not gay and if this was the life path that he wanted to take. But it isn’t. The problem is Revion does not know how to stand up to his family so it looks as if this is the life he will have.

Pedryllis went against what his family wanted also but the difference is his family supports him and is willing to accept him for what he wants and does not care who he loves. They just want him to be happy.

Revion and Pedryllis are not close. Not even by a long shot. They do not particularly like each other or at least they don’t until a night of unexpectedness happens and they look at each other with new eyes.

With their new awareness of each other, they may actually find the happiness that they both deserve.

This was a very good read. I enjoyed both the ups and downs. It was amazing.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Deviation From Destiny provided by Jordyn Monta in exchange of an honest review.


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