Say A Little Longer (Tosha’s Review)

Title: Stay A Little Longer
Author: Jess Bryant
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: October 5, 2017
Genre(s): Gay contemporary romance, closeted, intentionally outed, country singer, police, new start
Page Count: 166 pages
Reviewed by:
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Where do you go when there’s no place to hide?

Country music superstar, Trent Thorne is on the run. The secret he’s kept hidden from the world is no longer a secret at all. He trusted the wrong person, a man he’d stupidly thought he was in love with, and instead of a happily ever after all he’d gotten was outted. Unwilling to sit around and watch his private life get plastered all over the news, Trent hits the road and somehow ends up in his best friend Lemon’s small hometown of Fate, Texas.

He only intends to crash there for one night but in Fate, one night can change everything.

Lance Nichols knows a thing or two about hiding. He’s so deep in the closet he can’t even see daylight. The former womanizer finally admitted the truth to himself a few years ago but he never thought he’d be able to say the words out loud, not to his family, not to his friends, and certainly not to his secret celebrity crush when the guy stumbles awkwardly into his life.

But the words come easily with Trent. Everything comes easily with him. Talking, touching and even opening up about all the things he’s never told a soul.

Fate brought these two together, but will it also tear them apart? One newly outed man refuses to go back in the closet. The other can’t imagine coming out of his.

The real world is closing in on their little bubble but before it does, can they figure out how to coexist and be a part of each other’s lives? Can Lance stop hiding and take a chance on love? And what happens if Trent decides to stay a little longer… maybe even forever?

This is sweet Novella with very little drama and a whole lot of love.

This is a book about two men who are the same in some ways and very different in other ways. Both men are closeted. But one man was forced out of the closet by someone he thought he was in love with Only to be betrayed and outed to the world instead of returning the feelings. Trent never expected the man he called his best friend and his unrequited love to release the information of him being gay to the world and in the process tanking his country music career at the same time. Do Trent does why he hunks is best and gets in his vehicle and leaves Nashville to try and let the media coverage try to calm down and so he could lick his wombs.

Trent ends up in Fate thinks to Lemon, his true best friend. The town of Fate turns out to be just that for Trent……Fate, in more ways then one. Thanks to Fate, Trent ends up in the wrong house and by chance in the wrong bed. This leads him to meeting Lance. Lance works for the police force in Fate and is shocked beyond belief that not only is heir someone in his home when he gets there but it is none other than Trent, the famous country singer. More shocking is when he admits to Trent that he too is gay and Trent kisses him. Fate stepped in and brought here two men together but it takes both of these men fighting their own demons to figure out who ere to go from there.

It is not easy for Lance. He truly wants Trent and knows that in the short time that they hav known one another that he is fallingnin love with him but he also knows hat he is not ready to come out to anyone. Trentis not willing to make or force the issue either. So where do they go from here.

Can two men that was once both closeted, one purposely and cruelly outed and he they unwilling to even consider coming out, figure out a way to be together or are they doomed from the start?

This was such a great read. I truly enjoyed reading this light weight read after seeing so much ugliness in the world. It is one of those books that lets you take a break from everything around you and let lose and enjoy this sweet love story.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Stay A Little Longer provided by Jess Bryant in exchange of an honest review.


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