Bitten By Desire (NeRdyWYRM’s Review)

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Title: Bitten By Desire (Regent’s Park Pack, #3)
Author: Annabelle Jacobs
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: October 12, 2017
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 311 pages
Reviewed by: NeRdyWYRM
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Two lovers from rival packs. Have they come together only to be forced apart?

Alec Knight, a beta in the Regent’s Park pack, guards his heart carefully. Ghosts from his past keep him alone and angry, any hope of a relationship impossible while guilt from the pack wars still haunts him. With the anniversary drawing near, Alec needs a distraction.

As a lowly member of the Primrose Hill pack, Mark Appleton isn’t used to having his alpha’s attention. Lately he’s had more than his fair share, and not for the right reasons. Despite growing suspicions that all is not well, Mark tries hard to do better, but constant criticism leaves him desperate for a stress outlet.

Sex is a good way for shifters to let off steam, and while their packs attack each other with accusations and lies, Alec and Mark work out their frustrations in bed. Pillow talk and shared secrets lead to a closeness neither was expecting, but when pack relations reach an all-time low, any future for them seems out of the question.

If they want to be together, they’ll have to go against their alphas’ wishes—except Alec won’t and Mark can’t.

Karma Takes A Bite

For me, this title was BY FAR the best one of the series so far. I do love a cosmic resolution. You know that moment when karma finally bites someone in the ass? Yep. Love it. So, common plotlines were finally resolved and Alec intrigued me from the first. I also really was rooting for Mark’s character after book two, and for some reason, I just love his character’s name … Mark Appleton. Don’t ask me why. My mind likes to sic itself on what would ordinarily be oddball combinations or completely ordinary words and has it’s own subliminal love affair from time to time [shrugs]. I just go with it. So combine Knight and whatever got my neurons flowing about Mark Appleton and I was already hooked.

I liked the illicit Romeo and Juliet thing these guys had going on. Thankfully there were no crazy misunderstandings that gummed up the relationship works. The problems they were facing seemed insurmountable, but throughout, Alec seemed to know Mark right down to his bones so that was a nice change of pace. It wasn’t a stretch that the younger Mark was less confident in how conflicting loyalties would play out with his mate, so I wasn’t rolling my eyes when everything went to shit for a while.

Overall the relationship-building in this one was believable and HOT! I wanted to be a fly on the damned wall for Mark and Alec in the bedroom … and well, had you asked me before, I’d have guessed it all wrong, but I luuuurved it all the same. The pacing was also great; things finally came to a head ~cough~ wrongs were righted, breaches healed, and it’ll be a long road for the Regent’s Park Pack going forward, but hope springs eternal.


All in all, this was a typical shifter romance with enough of an urban/societal twist to make it interesting enough for me to make it to book three, and I’m grateful for that. Like I said before, it was the best one of the bunch. I’d read another title by this author or even in this series if another is forthcoming. I’m not really sure where it would all go from here, but I wouldn’t mind finding out.

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Regent’s Park Pack series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Bitten By Desire (Regent’s Park Pack, #3) provided by Annabelle Jacobs in exchange of an honest review.


I am a life-long reader and an avid learner. I remember reading books without pictures when I was about four, and raided every title on my parents’ full and intimidating book shelves—well, the ones they would let me read, anyway—from then on. Characters written by authors like Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, Robert Jordan, David Eddings, Terry Brooks, Anne Rice, Stephen King, Raymond E. Feist, Mercedes Lackey, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, and Anne McCaffrey were my childhood playmates.

Back then, I went nowhere unless I had a book in my hand. While the rest of my generation was shifting from cassettes to CDs and from Atari to Nintendo, Sega, and Playstation, I spent my allowance on Myth & Magic pewter figurines and on books at the Stars and Stripes bookstore. These days I don’t have a book in my hand anymore, at least not the printed variety. Instead, it’s any device with a Kindle app.

I stubbornly held on to the printed page until a military move weighed my book collection in at over a ton. Oops. Sorry-not-sorry, but I did have to exercise some pragmatism in that area, unfortunately. Now I only buy hardbacks from my favorite authors, the classics, or long-running series. Otherwise, I’ve surrendered to the times and our weight allowance and have gone all digital.

I stay strictly on the fiction side of the fence because non-fiction is generally too dry to hold my interest. I was always a scholar, and so have read enough textbook-like titles and required reading for school and college to last me a lifetime, thank you very much. So, non-fiction? No, thanks. However, barring non-fiction and biographies (ewww people), there’s not much out there I won’t read.

I have loved romance novels since I was prepubescent. Something about historicals and anything with horses, i.e., Native American inspired romances just did it for me. My grandmother was appalled that my parents let me read that ‘smut’ as she called it. I’d already justified my position on being allowed to read those controversial titles with a logical argument that there were a lot of historical facts in those books that couldn’t be learned in the classroom alone. And to this day, I maintain that stance. I have learned more from books, specifically romance and fantasy novels, than I ever did in a classroom.


My dad always said I was too smart for my own good. Looking back, he was probably right! I could logically talk my way into and out of just about anything. It’s served me well, but caused me no end of problems, too. That said, despite my love for the romance genre in general and the m/m romance genre in particular, there is little chance that a decent book of any kind will fail to catch my interest, and there’s nothing at all I’m unwilling to learn. So bring it on. I hope you enjoy my reviews.

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