Snowflakes & Cinnamon Buns (Maya’s Review)

Title: Snowflakes & Cinnamon Buns
Author: Claire Castle
Publisher: self published
Release Date: November 14, 2017
Genre(s): Conteporary,
Page Count: 79
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Cameron Pearce loves to work hard and play hard. Living in New York City, means lots of men and lots of variety. He isn’t looking for love.
When he goes to his small hometown Dickensville for Christmas, food, friends, family and seeing his best friend Levi are what’s on the agenda. He also hopes for some friends-with-benefits enjoyment.
Levi Jones owns and runs his own café in Dickensville. He loves the Christmas season and all that comes with it. Decorating, baking, and snow among other things. Another perk is when Cameron visits home and he gets him all to himself.
What will happen when true feelings are revealed and everything is put on the line. Will their friendship survive?
Can best friends go from hooking up to a real relationship? Do they even want to?
This book contains delicious cinnamon buns, a cute westie and sexy hot men to warm up your holidays.

Who doesn’t like Christmas story? For me, they are like candy canes: I can’t resist, they’re just too cute!

The story starts with a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past, as Cameron remembers colossal mistake he made on the last Christmas and which he is now hoping to fix.

Levi and Cameron are best friends. They are also friends with benefits, when they happen to both be single and in the same town. Otherwise they led separate lives but keep in touch.
The story is told in Cameron’s POV. His voice has an easy, warm undertone. He is young and carefree and lives his life in the same way. He is easy to connect with and the author gives us his back-story in easy and palatable way.
It’s a quick and fast paced story, brimming with cheerfulness and charm.
Levi and Cameron have a semi-established relationship. They spend time together, they joke with each other and they have hot sex. I was rolling my eyes as I read about their antics: come on boys, call spade a spade and admit you’re dating.

The story is chock full of Christmas references which was a treat for me. I especially liked Levi’s Sweater Party. (You can guess what’s about)

Cameron’s emotions are all over the place as he tries to sort himself out after Levi’s revelation. He makes a jerk move, but it was smoothly written, depicting his emotional turmoil so I could sympathize with him. He is trying his best and Levi has to be patient and forgiving with him.

The resolution was real Hallmark moment. I was like AWW! the whole time I was reading.
It’s sweet and lovely Christmas story.

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Galley copy of Snowflakes & Cinnamon Buns provided by Author in exchange of an honest review.


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