Amy Lane Guest Post: If I Had A Hundred Years

If I Had A Hundred Years

By Amy Lane

So I’ll admit it.

One of the things that bothers me—a lot—about the “immortal lover” theme is “What would that lover do with all that time?”

I mean, I came off the working student wheel to live the next twenty-five years on the mommy-wheel and that’s usually come with a job or even two (when I was writing and teaching) and even when I’m just writing that’s got its own set of demands.

So time—it’s the most precious commodity in the world, and I’ve never had enough of it. Every day shows a new wrinkle to count off how much time I do not have to spend with my loved ones, as well as read, write, knit, and watch all the frickin’ things.

So what would I do with a millennia of youth and magic powers?


I mean, like Emma in Famillar Angel, I’d probably spend the first couple hundred years just studying. I might even get in trouble with it—summon an angel, fall in love with a demon, oh yeah. There’s some life to be lived right there.

And then three boys wandered into her magic circle while escaping from a life of imprisonment in a wild west brothel. They emerged not just her familiars, but her sons as well. Now granted, when she took Harry, Edward, and Frances in, they were partially grown– they could scavenge a meal and stay away from the fire and use the bathroom without help. But they were broken boys—they needed some loving, some guidance, some gentling into their adult bodies, and that kept her busy for a while, as did building a forever home in the wilds of Mendocino.

But what then?

Well, her sons were not idle.

Harry and Edward ventured into town for companionship, and after one of these forays, Edward brought home a girl escaping from a brothel, looking for help.

And a family business was born.

I’ll be honest—I didn’t go into this discussion, or the birth of the family business. I may one day—or I may leave it up to the reader’s imagination. But the mechanics of that realization—“This—this is why were granted an eternity of youth to spend our time, to learn protection spells, to indulge in magic. This gives us a chance to return some of the graciousness that was given us, when we thought the universe was nothing but a hostile wasteland,”–

It’s the stuff of drama right there.

And it gives my three cats a sort of noble purpose.

It also gives them a way to spend their adult lives as cats. Not necessarily always in cat form, but in their hearts. If they’re busy pursuing a cause, they’re not busy exploring the pain left after years of abandonment and abuse.

Which means that the humans have every so much reckoning to do.

Romance happens in human reckoning—it’s a juicy fact, as inevitable as a cat’s independence–or the fall of prey to its mighty paws.

Suffice it to say, my familiar family has found a way to fill the hours of an immortal life, and not always comfortably.

Hopefully you’re as entertained by their solution for how to keep busy as I was.

Title: Familiar Angel
Author: Amy Lane
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: October 20th, 2017
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 193
Reviewed by: Parvathy, Tosha and PIU

One hundred and forty years ago, Harry, Edward, and Francis met an angel, a demon, and a sorceress while escaping imprisonment and worse! They emerged with a new family—and shapeshifting powers beyond their wildest dreams.

Now Harry and his brothers use their sorcery to rescue those enslaved in human trafficking—but Harry’s not doing so well. Pining for Suriel the angel has driven him to take more and more risks until his family desperately asks Suriel for an intervention.

In order for Suriel to escape the bindings of heaven, he needs to be sure enough of his love to fight to be with Harry. Back when they first met, Harry was feral and angry, and he didn’t know enough about love for Suriel to justify that risk. Can Suriel trust in Harry enough now to break his bonds of service for the boy who has loved his Familiar Angel for nearly a century and a half?

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Amy Lane has two kids in college, two gradeschoolers in soccer, two cats, and two Chi-who-whats at large. She lives in a crumbling crapmansion with most of the children and a bemused spouse. She also has too damned much yarn, a penchant for action adventure movies, and a need to know that somewhere in all the pain is a story of Wuv, Twu Wuv, which she continues to believe in to this day! She writes fantasy, urban fantasy, and m/m romance–and if you accidentally make eye contact, she’ll bore you to tears with why those three genres go together. She’ll also tell you that sacrifices, large and small, are worth the urge to write.

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