Snowflakes & Cinnamon Buns (Crabbypatty’s Review)

Title: Snowflakes & Cinnamon Buns
Author: Claire Castle
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: November 14, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 79
Reviewed by: Crabbypatty
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Cameron Pearce loves to work hard and play hard. Living in New York City, means lots of men and lots of variety. He isn’t looking for love. When he goes to his small hometown Dickensville for Christmas, food, friends, family and seeing his best friend Levi are what’s on the agenda. He also hopes for some friends-with-benefits enjoyment.

Levi Jones owns and runs his own café in Dickensville. He loves the Christmas season and all that comes with it. Decorating, baking, and snow among other things. Another perk is when Cameron visits home and he gets him all to himself.

What will happen when true feelings are revealed and everything is put on the line. Will their friendship survive? Can best friends go from hooking up to a real relationship? Do they even want to?

This book contains delicious cinnamon buns, a cute westie and sexy hot men to warm up your holidays.

Cameron and Levi have been friends since 8th grade and although Cam now lives in NYC and Levi remains in their home town of Dickensville, they have a long-standing friends-with-benefits relationship:

We never had a romantic relationship, so we were not exclusive. Super-hot sex when we met up a few times a year, if we were both single. That was it. It worked for us.

Levi and Cameron have great chemistry and the sex is hella hot – Claire Castle knows her way around some very steamy scenes. But when Levi wants more, Cameron can’t handle it – he’s very “risk adverse.” After being abandoned by his father when he was five, Cameron “didn’t believe in relationships, or finding ‘the one.’ That experience told me it could never work and I would probably be abandoned in the end. Keeping things easy – feelings and commitment-free – meant less entanglement and problems. At least that’s how I saw it.”

I was really into this story until Cameron made what I think of as “HUD” – the huge unilateral decision.

When Levi tells Cameron he wants a committed relationship … Cameron leaves town, returns to NYC and doesn’t talk to Levi for a YEAR. Yes, ONE YEAR. “I should have gone back to talk to him. At the time, I couldn’t see that side of things though. […] I needed time to work through my feelings and now was my chance to win him back. Hindsight and all that.”

Umm, okay.

Cameron thinks: “So many times I’d wanted to text Levi or phone him and hear him laugh, or hear his latest hookup story. But I didn’t. That wasn’t fair to either of us.” Yet Cameron has gone ahead, made this HUD that affects them both and basically disappears from Levi’s life, with no communication. AND THEN, he accepts a job in London, and is almost on the plane before he finally decides that perhaps he should contact Levi.


Okay, I realize that the HUD is not going to be a make-or-break plot point for everyone, but personnally it didn’t work for me. Loved the initial relationship between Levi and Cameron and loved the sexual sizzle, but disliked the HUD and Cameron’s frankly asshole-ish ways. I give Snowflakes & Cinnamon Buns 3.5 stars but completely understand that “your mileage may vary.”

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