A Bolt of Blue (Susan’s Review)

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Title: A Bolt of Blue (Angel’s #1)
Author: Nicky Spencer
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: November 10, 2017
Genre(s): M/M/M Contemporary
Page Count: 247
Reviewed by: Susan
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Ian Golinski has been in love with his best friend since he was fourteen years old. When he finally decides to confess his feelings, he finds that his perpetually single friend isn’t so single anymore. What’s a boy to do when he has to share the love of his life with someone else? Especially someone so damn hot?

Dusty Smith has finally found The One. The only problem is The One clearly has feelings for someone else, even if he doesn’t realize it. Dusty has to convince his lover that they’re meant to be. But how does he do that when the other man turns out to be perfect for them both?

Mitch Becker likes things nice and simple. But as his relationship with his boyfriend heats up, he starts developing feelings for his best friend. Suddenly his life is one big complication. How can he choose between two soul mates?

Find out what happens when three men ask the question: What if we don’t have to choose?

While this started out quite promising, the angst about how a threesome relationship would work was too tiring for me.

Ian is ready to finally tell his best friend Mitch that he is in love with him. Right when Ian is about to tell him, Mitch introduces his new boyfriend, Dusty. Ian doesn’t know what to say to that since his dreams just went up in flames. He does want Mitch to be happy, but with him, not with a stupid other boyfriend.

Mitch never thought he’d find someone like Dusty. Dusty is everything he could ever want in a man. But while his love life is going great, his friendship with his best friend Ian feels strained these days. Ian apparently doesn’t like his new boyfriend all that much, but Mitch doesn’t know what to do about it…

I absolutely loved Ian. I have such a soft spot for the cute nerdy guy and this was no exception. And while I kind of liked Dusty and Mitch, I never really clicked with them. I especially had a hard time believing in the relationship between Mitch and Dusty. I was prepared to postpone my thoughts about them while I was waiting for some good MMM loving and see how the three of them would fit together.

But unfortunately these guys made this into one big angst fest. Especially Mitch added to the drama. These guys take a very long time to think of the threesome resolution. It is all angst and fear of cheating til at least 75%. I just wanted them to be happy when they were together with all three of them, but that took almost the entire book.

I was also curious to see how the sex would play out. Not the sex itself, but more the ‘rules’ about them having sex and about the jealousy. Especially because there was so much jealousy in this book.

And that’s why I didn’t completely buy that they agreed on no rules and that everyone was fine with the other two having sex without them present.

Oh, and I could have really done without the family drama with Mitch’s sister. She deserved a kick in the butt and Mitch too for that matter.

While this was definitely promising and I did like the writing in this, this MMM was too dramatic for my taste.

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