Gemini Keeps Capricorn

Title: Gemini Keeps Capricorn (Signs of Love, #3)
Author: Anyta Sunday
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: December 18, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 273
Reviewed by: Renée
Heat Level:   2.5 flames out of 5
Rating:  4.5 stars out of 5

Sometimes, one stubborn Capricorn is all it takes… to drive Wesley Hidaka to crazy, flirtatious lengths.

Wesley loves annoying his RA, Lloyd Reynolds. He just can’t help it. Lloyd is focused, decisive, grounded. He has this amusing ability to follow rules.
Of course Wesley wants Lloyd to break one… or three hundred.

Sometimes, one smirking Gemini is all it takes… to have Lloyd laying down the law and marching Wesley straight back to his dorm room.

It doesn’t stop Wesley teasing again. And again. And again…
But damn. Lloyd doesn’t crack easily. He’s full of principles. He’s unshakable.
He’s the perfect friend to have when Wesley needs help. Like with his truant brother and his old high school principal.

Sometimes, one little lie is all it takes… to find Wesley fake-engaged to his off-limits RA.

What can he say? It seemed like a good idea at the time…


Seriously, one of my favorite series ever! I can’t believe that I’m giddy AGAIN over a book in this series, especially one that follows Sunday’s typical recipe of ullllltttttrrrraaaaa sloooooooooow burrrrrrrnnnn. Where the little bit of steam happens in the last 10% of the book.

But I’m giddy, I tell you.

The UST alone is enough to keep me around. When you combine that with the banter? #ded.

Wesley Hidaka is an undergraduate who lives in a dorm. Lloyd (not the sexiest name for an MC, but I couldn’t care less) is Wesley’s RA on his floor.

Sunday throws us right smack in the middle of a years-long something going on between these two. Over two years of banter cough flirting and foreplay cough have transpired before we enter the scene. And I loved it!

It took me only a few chapters to realize that these two are both totally in love with each other, that neither of them realize it yet, that neither of them thinks the other feels anything, and that EVERYONE else knows (and has bets going on how much longer Wes and Lloyd will last before they get together).

“You have the ears of a dog when it comes to our RA.”

I was confused by so many secondary characters, only at first, because not only are there multiple names introduced all at once, but because Wes has a nickname for everyone too. It only took a couple of chapters to orient myself.

Wes lives to torment Lloyd. In a fun way; never malicious. And Lloyd practices patience on an hourly basis with Wes around. Not only because of Wes’s antics, but because he might grab him and rip his clothes off at any moment.

Wes is very concerned with how incompatible he (a Gemini) and Lloyd (a Capricorn) would be, as far as their astrological signs. Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

Wesley snorted. “Do you think we’re fucking or something? We’re not. How many times do I have to say it? He’s a Cap. The sex would be bad.”

Wes runs to Lloyd for every thought, every anecdote, every question. And Lloyd does the same, in his own way. But that just means they’re close friends, right? Snort.

And Lloyd is clearly only hung up on the fact that he could lose his RA job if he starts a relationship with one of his “charges.”

“How long have we known each other?”
[…]”I don’t know. Two years, three months, and about seven days?”

Yeah, Wes, you don’t want him at all.

The book is FUN! Every chapter felt like an adventure. It never felt too YA/NA for me. I highlighted the crap out of lines, and the banter alone had me smiling like a loon for most of the read.

Fans of the series won’t be disappointed. Book 1 is still my favorite (JLM FTW!), but this just as good as Book 2, if not a little more so.

Highly recommended!

Signs of Love Series

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