Kane’s Awakening (Susan’s Review)

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Title: Kane’s Awakening (Awakening #3)
Author: Jaclyn Osborn
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: November 12, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary M/M
Page Count: 270
Reviewed by: Susan
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

“I built a wall around my heart and refuse to let anyone in.”
Rookie cop Kane Matthews doesn’t believe in love and is only interested in random hookups. It’s easier that way. Less complicated. He learned years before that opening up to people would only cause pain when they screwed him over. At twenty-four, he has no desire to settle down.

“I want someone who will stay by my side. Someone to love and grow old with.”
Defense attorney Ryker Carson is a romantic at heart and is looking for his Mr. Right, but after several failed relationships, he doubts he’ll ever find true love. But that doesn’t stop him from trying. At thirty-one, he’s the father of eight-year old twins, and he needs a man who will accept not only him, but his family as well.

Kane and Ryker couldn’t have been more different, and yet, when they randomly meet in a club one night, their attraction is undeniable. Hot sex in the club soon turns into more, and Kane is faced with one of his biggest fears: commitment. Ryker is drawn to the sexy, arrogant, and unfiltered Kane, even though he suspects only heartache can come from it.
When an incident at Kane’s work leaves him emotionally vulnerable, the two men grow closer and sparks fly. However, Kane’s fears and troubled past catch up to him, threatening to push away the one man who’s ever captured his heart.

This was really good. Lots of hurt/comfort.

I wasn’t too fond of the first meeting between these two, but I knew things would be different after that so I just read on.

Kane is a 24 year old rookie cop who has been hurt in the past. That’s why he doesn’t do relationships. He only does hookups. When he meets a hot guy at a club one night Kane knows he must have him. And when the two have a hot encounter in a secluded corner, their chemistry is off the charts.

31 year old defense attorney Ryker doesn’t do hookups. What he wants is a relationship. He wants someone to love and to build a future with him and his two 8 year old kids. That’s why he is so surprised he throws all this out the window when he meets Kane. Ryker knows it’s nothing but a hookup but he really does want the cocky younger man.

When the two meet again by accident Kane seems to break his own rules by suggesting they hookup again. The next couple of weeks are filled with hot monkey sex, but Ryker wants more even though he knows Kane doesn’t do relationships.

Just when Ryker thinks a future with Kane is hopeless and that there is no other choice but to break it off for good, something happens on Kane’s job. And just when Kane is a huge mess Ryker is there for him….

I really loved these guys. I’m not always fond of the arrogant cocky guy, but from the first page I felt Kane’s pain and saw he used his words and attitude to create distance. Luckily Ryker didn’t give up on him.

I was also happy the period where it was just sex between them was not that long. Ryker didn’t want to just have a sexual relationship with Kane so he immediately told Kane when it became an issue for him.

Kane was pretty angry and hurtful to Ryjer at times, but inside he was hurting so much, that I couldn’t get mad at him for it.

I really loved seeing Kane change and how he was still struggling, but also really trying for Ryker.

This ended up being an amazing hurt/comfort romance.

(This can be read as a stand-alone.)

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