A Detached Raider (Kristin’s Review)

Title: A Detached Raider (The Black Raiders #1)
Author: Ana Night
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: November 28, 2017
Genre(s): Mystery/Suspense
Page Count: 350
Reviewed by: Kristin
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5


Detective Cade Lawson believes in justice. But when a serial killer targets pedophiles and child abusers, lines tend to get blurry. When the serial killer strikes in Cade’s city, along follow the uptight and handsome Detective Cole Banks. Cole comes with a truckload of baggage and a hell of an attitude but nevertheless, Cade is instantly attracted to him.

For almost two years, Cole has been trying to catch the serial killer the media has dubbed “The Executioner”. He hopes the new development in the case will provide the break he needs to catch the killer. Unfortunately, once in Baltimore, he must join forces with the alluring and absolute pain in the ass, Detective Cade Lawson. Sparks fly and not just the good kind as they struggle through their case.

As their attraction burns hotter with each day, false alibies and dark secrets threaten not just their case but also their fragile relationship. Can Cade’s lively personality and his unwavering trust and faith in Cole push him back into the confines of humanity, or will Cole run to safety the first chance he gets?

Warning: possible triggers including graphic descriptions of rape and child abuse which may not be suitable for some readers.

Jacket blurb sums up the plot and characters quite aptly so I won’t rehash.

I have really mixed thoughts on this book so I hope this review is somewhat coherent.

On the one hand, I found this cliched: two police detectives who instantly hate each other…but oddly find themselves attracted to the other man. Our two protagonists externally despise each other while secretly wishing they could do Lascivious Things.

And when the magic happens and they admit they are lusting after the other, each is hiding Dark Secrets. Then it becomes a matter of one of them pushing away because the emotional commitment is just to much that don’t want to hurt themselves or the other.

And finally, when we hit the climatic conclusion (twice), all thoughts are on protecting the other from the Dark Secrets.

I also had issues keeping “Cade” and “Cole” straight. One of my beefs with any book is when the author names the main characters with the same letter.

Lastly, there were plot leaps/leaps of intuition that the characters were making, but as I reader, I was left mostly confused about how X, Y or Z came about and I say this because read a lot of mysteries thrillers and I’m not usually this confused. During climatic conclusion #2, I actually went back and re-read about five chapters because the characters were doing some double crossing and I thought I missed something. Nope, characters made the leap, but the reader wasn’t brought along.

I don’t like multiple endings and this, in my humble opinion, has two endings and it made the plot somewhat convoluted. I also struggled with the plausibility of the second ending – this was one of those spots where the characters knew something but the reader was not updated earlier in the plot.

I did say I have mixed thoughts on this!

Bear with me a bit longer…

On the other hand, I DID enjoy the story.

I liked Cole and Cade (despite the naming thing). They were different enough that the personalities were nicely balanced. Each man was struggling with something from his past that he found difficult to overcome, yet with a little help from their friends could make that emotional connection.

I enjoyed the plot, though I wasn’t expecting it to become quite so explicit as it relates to the child abuse and description of rape.

I liked the supporting characters. Cole and Cade each had their own “safety net” and they were different personalities. Lara had the potential to move into the “Tell the Bestie EVERYTHING!” but the author did avoid that character trope.

I enjoyed how the characters grew emotionally from the start to the conclusion. Too often in the police/military/men in uniform books the protagonists go from lust to the sheets and not much in between.

Which comes back to my mixed thoughts on this – a handful of items that detracted and a handful of items that carried the book. If there is a second book, I would read it.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of A Detached Raider (The Black Raiders #1) provided by Ana Night in exchange of an honest review.


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