Short Order (Foothills Pride #8)

Title: Short Order (Foothills Pride #8)
Author: Pat Henshaw
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: December 13, 2017
Genre(s): Gay Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 101 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

When recent horticulture graduate Dr. Fenton Miller arrives in Stone Acres, California, he thinks his only concern is which job offer to accept after spending the holidays working at his cousin’s plant nursery. But after he rents a room from another shorter-than-average man, sous-chef John Barton, Fen falls in lust.

While he’s attracted to Fen, John’s got bigger concerns when two men from his past arrive in town and pressure him to return to San Francisco. Although John tries to stop Fen from getting involved, Fen realizes his lover is in trouble and is determined to protect him.

As the holidays get closer and Fen makes his own enemy, the joy of the season gets lost in the ill will around them. To ensure love triumphs, Fen and John must stand tall to show that short, dark, and handsome is a recipe for love.

Another good book in the Foothills Pride series. Pat Henshaw is truly a great author.

Fen is new to town for the most part. He has visited some but this is the first time he has been back since he graduated college and he is excited to start working. While he decides on which job offer to take he will be working at the nursery with Beth.

While he is staying in town he was originally going to stay with Beth and Kate but that changes after only one night of staying with them. He decided he really needed to find somewhere to rent and it just so happened that the place he fell in love with the last time in town is looking for a tenant. So it is a win win for Fen because he loves this house. What he did not expect was to fall for the owner as well.

John is the owner of the house that Fen is renting plus he is a sous chef at a local restaurant. But he has pain from his past that haunts him and keeps him from letting people in. But he cannot seem to not let in Fen. The more they get to know each other the closer they become. When John’s past comes back to haunt him, both Fen and John have to be strong enough to make it through it for each other and for Ricky also.

Can two men that have not each other long but are quickly falling for the other work together to overcome the obstacles that they are facing and do it together?

This was a good quick read about not letting your past define who you are but to let it help you to make you stronger and better than you thought possible. Pat Henshaw did a great job on this book. I look forward to more by this author in the future.

Foothills Pride Series

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Galley copy of Short Order (Foothills Pride book 8) provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.


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