Kairos (Belen’s Review)

Title: Kairos
Author: Mary Calmes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: December 15th 2017
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary
Page Count: 137 pages
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5


Sometimes the best day of your life is the one you never saw coming.

Joe Cohen has devoted the past two years of his life to one thing: the care and feeding of Kade Bosa. His partner in their PI business, roommate, and best friend, Kade is everything to Joe, even if their relationship falls short of what Joe desires most. But he won’t push. Kade has suffered a rough road, and Joe’s pretty sure he’s the only thing holding Kade together.

Estranged from his own family, Joe knows the value of desperately holding on to someone dear, but he never expected his present and past to collide just as Kade’s is doing the same. Now they’ve stumbled across evidence that could change their lives: the impact of Kade’s tragic past, their job partnership, and any future Joe might allow himself to wish for…

I’m sure many, as I did, will draw parallels between Joe and Kade and how reminiscent they are of the partnership and UST between Miro and Ian from Calmes’ Marshals series.

Kairos is about Joe and Kade – two Private Investigators in Chicago. Joe spends most of his energy on taking care of his partner Kade, an ex-police officer, who’s had a pretty hard road to travel.

He was a knight in shining armor; it was just a bit dented and tarnished in spots.

The two live together, work together, but aren’t together romantically (even though Joe carries a big, flaming torch for Kade).

The stupidity and futility of my situation never ceased to make me groan inside. If my life was a television show, I would have left the room, it was so painfully awkward.

When circumstances surrounding a favor go sideways, Joe and Kade find themselves protecting a witness and very much needing to get out of town. The shake up is enough to jump start confession time and get all the cards on the table between the two men, their families, and the world.

I wasn’t some great paragon of virtue by any stretch of the imagination, I was a rock in this instance, and I would never, ever turn on my friend. I couldn’t. It wasn’t in me. I would, in fact, be more, be everything; I was ready, willing, and able to be whatever he needed or wanted. For however long it took him to heal from this, I’d be the one he could safely put his faith in.

Told again in Mary Calmes signature style with a single, first person, POV – our narrator is Joe, with his abundant feelings for Kade fairly dripping off the page, but on the whole the message of the story it seemed to me was more about coming to terms with your past and working through to get to your happy on the other side.

There is some closure of everyone’s pasts – but I was a bit disappointed that right when that closure is happening the story ends. I wanted more. In this case, an epilogue, or some set up to let me know this might become a series would have worked really well.

“I’m about to get big-time closure on my life, no reason you can’t too.”

All in all, there was a lot I enjoyed about the story, but nothing as much as I loved Declan, a secondary character. I loved him so much and I want to know what happens to him, I want his happy ending…I just want his story PRONTO please!

I would like to note for some that the romance between Joe and Kade is only a part of the larger plot, and passion doesn’t really ignite until quite a ways through, but for those who love Mary Calmes writing, and her formula for suspense and romance, this definitely hits a sweet spot.

“I just feel like I won the lottery with you, ya know? I got a best friend and now a lover. The hell did I do to deserve that?”
Reaching out, I put a hand on his cheek. “You’re a good man, Kade.”
“Yeah, well, only you think so.”
I sighed deeply.
“But you’re the one who matters.”
I could have died happy right there.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Kairos provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.


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