‘Til Death Do Us Part (Audio Review)

Title: ‘Til Death Do Us Part (Vows #1)
Author: Addison Albright and David Gilmore (Narrator)
Publisher: Self Published
Reviewer: Belen
Release Date: September 27th 2017
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: 8 hrs and 3 mins
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Henry and Sam Miller-Greene are living the dream. They love their careers — which afford each of them opportunities to travel to exotic locations — they love their home, Sam’s caring family, and each other. They disagree on the subject of adoption, but are fully committed to each other in marriage…’Til Death Do Us Part.

The dream is shattered when Henry’s plane crashes and he’s presumed dead. But four people — Henry, two other men, and a child — survive undetected on a remote, small, and insignificant island. Will Sam and Henry’s love be able to survive, as well?

Henry fights to endure in harsh conditions, never knowing when disaster will strike. Sam struggles with his loss, but with help moves on with his life. Will Sam be able to put aside his new love when he reunites with Henry?

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I love deserted island survivor stories.

Told from both Henry and his husband, Sam’s, points of view the story covers both the hope that the survivors will one day get off the island and back to “civilization”, and the devastation of loss when the love of your life goes down in a crash and is missing and presumed dead.

I appreciated the greater delineation made by narrator David Gilmore for the chapters that begin with a flashback scene, so the listener could tell easily what was past and present. I do feel that the flashbacks, while providing history, did sometimes drag down the momentum of the story though.

I loved most of the nuances of the story and how it was filled with humor, emotion and hope. While the day to day island life was a bit mired in minutiae some of the time, I appreciated the author’s obvious research. My biggest issues were that the dialogue was a bit stiff at times, and things came a bit too easily to everyone. I felt like the resolution of the relationship angst was a little too quick, and I would have liked to have seen the resolution between Sam and Nash.

One thing that was far more obviously awkward to me when listening rather than reading is the change from first person POV for Henry to a third person POV for Sam or others.

Regardless, David Gilmore narrates the story decently, adding character voices that are easily discernible. Though his pacing is a little slow at times, his timing is good, and enunciation clear. I would have liked to have heard a little more emotion in the performance, but all in all the narration is solid, if not particularly exceptional.

Vows series

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