Reader’s 2018 Favorite Books

UPDATE December 10: Round 2/Final Round

It’s time to vote for your favorite books again! Please vote for your favorite LGBTQ books published from December 2017 to November 2018.

The TOP 10 books you vote on will be revealed on January 1, 2019. Also, we have a giveaway for a $100 gift certificate for Dreamspinner Press.


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Favorites from past years.


  • Hi can you please answer as to why nearly half the votes for Abigail Kades Until the Stars Fall book have disappeared. Yesterday she had over 200 votes now she’s down to 159!

    • Hi Sarah! This poll script is a newer version and the votes aren’t being counted the way they were in last years. It is allowing one person multiple votes and sadly Until the Stars Fall was voted for over 100 times in less than an hour. I then tell the script to remove votes from certain IP addresses that are abusing the poll and their votes are removed. It sucks! I would have chosen a different poll script if I had known they would be so many bugs in this new version.

  • Something seems to be wrong with how this vote is configured. When I open the page, several books have already got checkmarks without me having clicked on them, and I have to go through the list and manually uncheck them to prevent the page from submitting votes that I didn’t make. I also know that a book that I and a number of people have been voting for every day only ticks up with one or two votes.

  • Hi, Could you please add the author Shaw Montgomery/MA Innes to the book… Unconventional listed in the favorite books category. Thank you so much

  • I entered Wheels Up by Annabeth Albert in the poll but it was published in Nov 2017. Sorry! Can you delete it please thank you


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