Ocean of Tears (Soul Series #1)

Title:Ocean of Tears (Soul Series book 1)
Author: Phetra H Novak
Publisher:Beaten Track Publishing
Release Date:December 5, 2017
Genre(s): Gay Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 117 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 2.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Karl Meeke—the talented guitarist of Manchester’s own pride and joy, Ocean of Tears—is depressed. It’s not a word he would usually use for himself, but lately, he’s feeling worse. A lot worse. Over the past few months, the music that has been a constant sound inside of him hasn’t just grown quieter; it’s fallen silent. The love of his life has abandoned him, and at the prime age of fifty-three, he feels like it’s all downhill from here. That is, until he meets the young and vibrant Noa.

Noa is attending the Northern School of Ballet in Manchester; his dream is to become a ballerino for the London Royal Ballet. Noa dances into Karl’s life from nowhere, and even when Karl shows no interest, Noa will not let him go. Instead, he finds a way to nestle into that lonely slot in Karl’s heart, where music once lived, and makes a home there.

Only when things start to change, for the better, does Karl realise what it all means, and by then, he’s so far into the deep end he has no choice but to start swimming.

(Part of Never Too Late – a collection of nine stories featuring LGBTQIA characters over the age of fifty.)

I enjoyed this read. It was not what I was expecting it to be but it was definitely a good, quick read.

If I had to describe this book I would describe it as a book about two men. One that is basically just starting out his life and the other that has lived his life but is at the point that he has forgotten how to live.

Karl is a fifty-three year old man that is in a band. He loves the music that he writes for the band but lately he has not been able to write anything new. Not just lately really but more like for quite some time now. He has basically stopped really living his life and therefore he has lost his spark that helps him to write new songs. So instead of trying to figure out what the real problem is, Karl finds himself drowning himself in drinks at a bar. This turns out to most likely be the turning point for him because this is where he meets the man that is about to change his life forever for the better.

Noa is just starting out. He is just finishing college and has gotten a job as a ballerino in London. But now he has something new that has caught his attention. That being a very handsome older, very much lost in his own head man, Karl.

Can meeting someone new with spunk and a love for life help Karl come out of his own head and start learning to live again? Or will Karl let their age difference put an end to things before they ever even start?

This was a good read. I really enjoyed it. I was truly pleasantly surprised by this book. It is a short story but it is a very good read.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Ocean of Tears (Soul Series book 1) provided by Beaten Track Publishing in exchange of an honest review.


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