The Last Emperor (Tosha’s Review)

Title: The Last Emperor
Author: Kari Gregg
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: December 27, 2017
Genre(s):Gay Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 222 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 3.8 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

The tribes were his to lose…and theirs to regain.

History taught that rebels executed the imperial family, including young Prince Nika Marisek, and hid the bodies in an unmarked grave. History was wrong.

Decades later, yarn shop owner Nick Goode reclaimed his identity to see his long-dead family decently buried. He’ll do whatever he must to persuade elders who now rule the tribes…even offer to abdicate. Some, however, seek to capitalize on Nick’s survival. Who better to drag the tribes from corruption into freedoms the rebellion had promised if not the prince who became one of the peasantry in exile?

Arit hates politics. When Elder Benjic, his estranged sire, shows up with the celebrity prince to fulfill a pre-war mating pact, Arit refuses. He craves strength on strength, the challenge of an alpha mating another alpha. A damaged omega who knits won’t do. Arit will guide them on an adventure tour exploring their wolf instincts; that’s his job. But that’s all he’ll do.

Except Nick isn’t an omega. He isn’t damaged. And if he seduces Arit to win Benjic’s support, Nick won’t give up his throne, either. He’ll risk everything to realize the ideals of the rebellion…and end his fate as the tribes’ last emperor.

CONTENT WARNING: palace intrigues, mpreg themes, shifter knotting, and two stubborn alphas who must learn to work together to save an empire.

This is such a sad tale. It is a book about taking the horrible things of the past and taking the opportunity to make a better future because of it. It is through remembering and in some instances reliving the past that will make it possible for a brighter future. This is what Nick and Arit plan in doing.

Nick is part of the the noble family that was executed back when the tribal wars were happening. His family was sacrificed and executed and it was believed gay Nick did not survive either. The only reason he is still alive is a man took pity on him and was tired of all the useless killings and when he realized that Nick was still alive, he rescued and ran for both of their lives as quickly as he could. Now years later Nick is about to let the world know that he is still alive and well and that is only possible because a human had the decency to save him and to take care of him and live with him and his adoptive brother like they were his own.

After the tribes believing that no one survived from Nick’s family, it is a shock to find out that at least one did survive and that someone is supposed to be on the throne. Not only does Nick have to prove who he is but he also has to consider past obligations his father had made on his behalf.

Nick was promised to marry one of the children of Benjic. But when Nick finds out that his children are already mated Nick believes himself to be off the hook. But little does he know Benjic has another son, Arit. Arit does not want anything to do with his sire Benjic because he never had anything to do with him in the past. But nonetheless Benjic will not give up. It does not help matters either that once Arit and Nick meet the mating pull hits both men at full speed.

Nick and Arit both have to decide what it is they both want and if they are willing to mate with each other or if they will try and ignore what both feel deep in their bones for the other.

This book is a very sad tale about what happened to Nick and his family. It is the fall and rise again of a family that was thought to be lost. It will take many to set things right with the past and the future. This was a slow burning read but it was definitely an incredible read at the same time. I truly enjoyed this sad tale.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of The Last Emperor provided by Kari Gregg in exchange of an honest review.


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