Body and Soul (Death and Destruction #7)

Title: Body and Soul (Death and Destruction #7)
Author: Patricia Logan
Publisher: Westburg Publishing
Release Date: December 11, 2017
Genre(s): Contemporary, Suspense
Page Count: 326
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5

More than ten years ago, a series of train bombings devastated railways throughout Europe. Strange poetry sent to local newspapers right before each bombing, confounded investigators at the time. In one of only a handful of failed covert missions, Jarrett had been sent into North Korea to take out the bomber. Now, as his wedding to Thayne approaches, an explosion in Southern California, threatens to ruin their plans for a very special day.

Sucked back into a new case when they’re supposed to be on vacation, neither Jarrett nor Thayne are very happy. When the bomber strikes too close to home, they know they have no choice… especially when the threat seems to be specifically directed at one them.

While recovering from recent trauma and torture, Thayne has put his heart into crafting the single most beautiful event he can imagine for his husband-to-be. When plans for their special Christmas wedding begin to blow up, he is distraught. A sadistic killer with special skills, a strange vocabulary, and a twisted thirst for revenge, is bent on destroying everything.

Join Thayne, Jarrett, and all their friends as they rush to stop the fiend and reclaim their Christmas wedding before one more person dies.

I was extremely happy to find out there is another book in this series, considering how much I liked the previous one. (Thank you Goodreads for informing me!)

Jarret and Thayne are preparing for their wedding and predictably it can’t pass without shenanigans.
The story is unabashedly funny and easy to slip into, despite the fact I didn’t reread previous book before picking up this one. Before Jarret can get married, his past once again rears its ugly head: the criminal he once failed to catch becomes active again. The story is brimming with snarky dialogue and it’s very amusing. The mystery part is interesting and managed to keep my attention, mixing wonderfully with romantic part. Pacing is excellent.

There is noticeable shift in men’s relationship comparing to previous book. It’s not the way I would envision it and it was very sappy at times, but the progression is natural and it is great seeing that characters change as the story advances.

Otherwise it is an exciting hang-on-to-your-fingernails story. I had an occasional niggle with the plot but the story was interesting and enjoyable.

The first book in series is just a 0.99 Death and Destruction so it’s a good way to see what the story is about!

Death and Destruction

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