Somewhere Over Lorain Road (LenaR’s Review)

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Title: Somewhere Over Lorain Road
Author: Bud Gundy
Publisher: Bold Strokes
Release Date: February 1st 2018
Genre(s): Gay Fiction, Mystery/Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Family
Page Count: 266
Reviewed by: LenaRibka
Heat Level: 1 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

For more than forty years, the stain of horrific allegations against their father has haunted the Esker sons. When three little boys were murdered in 1975, their dad was suspected of the crimes. The immense strain of the unsolved case shattered the family, sending the brothers reeling into destinies of death, flight, and, in the case of Don Esker, shame-filled silence.

Years later, Don returns to the family home in North Homestead, Ohio, to help care for his dying father in his final months. His dad longs for the peace that will only come with clearing his name. If Don can find the killer, he can heal his family—and himself. His own redemption begins when he becomes romantically involved with Bruce, who joins the hunt and forces Don to confront the unthinkable answer they’ve uncovered.

What an engaging read!

Without artificially fabricated loud actions or stunning twists or unexpected turns. Simply a great told touching story, smooth in its course and harmonically with genres that perfectly tuned with each other.

Talking about genres…

This book is a mystery

That is where the story starts: Don, a high skilled marketing analyst, who has achieved everything in his field/life and now works only on contracts, mostly for friends, comes back to North Homestead, Ohio, his Hometown from San Francisco where he lives to take care of his dying father and to spend the last months with him. His family need him: his brothers and his mother are at their physical and psychological limits.

As he arrives, his father, in one of the moments free from the strong analgesics, expresses his biggest desire – to die officially innocent.(?) Soon we’ll find out that more than forty years ago, in year 1975, a terrible crime shocked this small community – three little boys were disappeared and shortly after two of them were found murdered, and…the most horrible thing: this case has never been solved.

And…(who could guess?!) Don’s father was for one evening one of the suspects. Even if the police confirmed these accusations one day later as unfounded, this event changed a normal life of Don’s family completely. This one evening, when the local police broke in their house under the watchful eyes of the citizens made Don’s father to a child’s murderer.

The only possibility to clear the name of his father is to find a REAL killer. But is it possible forty years later?

This book is a romance

YEAH! It is. And I liked EVERYTHING between Don and Bruce. And I like Bruce! Who could think that this book would turn into romance in the second half?
I have to admit, that after reading the half of the book (or almost) I kept on thinking “WTF this cover has to do with this book?!” I didn’t have a problem with the content, but I had a problem to tie WHAT I have read with the cover. It is a wonderful romance story in it, but it is not LOUD…not dominated, not made in long detailed sex scene descriptions(THANKS for that!!!), but on an emotional level, and it is the best for me.

This book is a gay fiction

My VERY best genre. And it is a big compliment to qualify a book as the one. It reminded me a bit of Michael Thomas Ford and Tom Mendicino – my favorite authors in gay literary fiction genre. And do you know what I did after I finished this book? I went to Amazon and purchased all books Bud Gundy has written. There are not many of them. But…let us remember: quality over quantity.

This book is about a family

A family dynamic. A family story. A family SAGA. A family. The story switches between NOW and THEN. I LOVE IT. LOVE IT.

I had a VERY busy month at work. Means, I couldn’t actually read TOO late into the night. And you know what? I read this book THROUGH the night. Because I couldn’t stop reading. And honestly, I don’t even remember when it happened the last time.

Highly recommended!!!

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