Losing It (Ringside Romance #4)

Title: Losing It (Ringside Romance #4)
Author: Christine d’Abo
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: February 19th 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 226
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Finn Miller doesn’t do social. He works his IT job from home as often as he can to avoid people. If it weren’t for his weekly training sessions at Ringside Gym, he might never leave his apartment. And he only does that because of Leo, the gym member he’s in love with. When Finn gets talked into attending a speed dating fundraiser at the gym, his greatest wish is to have the courage to try to say something—anything—to Leo.

Justin McCormick has spent most of his adult life being used, whether playing a corporate heavy, or acting as guard dog for his ward. So when he leaves Vancouver for a fresh start in Toronto, he doesn’t quite know what to do with himself.

The moment Justin sees Finn at a speed dating event, he knows there’s no way he’ll make it without a little help, so he offers to coach Finn on the art of conversation. What he doesn’t count on is his unexpected attraction to this shy boxer, or his fear that if Finn gets his way, Justin might lose out on his best chance at love.

I really liked the newest addition to the Ringside Romance series.

Remember Justin from Faking It? He was such an ASSHOLE! Naturally, I wanted to read his story.

Justin McCormick’s life took a completely different turn when he stopped working for Grady’s dad. He basically needs to start over again. I loved the way that D’Abo slowly but steadily unveiled Justin’s personality traits, until it was just the real Justin. Who would have thought that this asshole would be such a forgiving and starved for affection person? His family situation also explained a lot of things.

From the blurb, I hadn’t realised how bad Finn’s anxiety could get. The truth is that Finn Miller is not a grumpy introvert, but a sweet guy with a big heart whose social anxiety keeps him hauled up in his apartment. The only time he goes out is his weekly training sessions with Eli at Ringside Gym because Leo, his crush, is there.

So Finn and Justin might seem like an unlikely couple but in reality they just click! Its like they make up for each other’s imperfections. What I loved the most, though, is how they were so in tune with each other. Justin just knew when Finn needed him the most even when everyone around them was clueless.And Finn was the only person who figured out so early on how lonely Justin was.

There is a lot of UST here. Not a lot of steam, but the couple of sex scenes are pretty hot.

What rubbed me the wrong way was Leo, the bad guy. I always have a hard time with characters that are just too much to the pont they resemble a caricature, and Leo was almost that kind of character for me. I also didn’t have a lot of sympathy for Justin’s parents, but I’m glad that things worked out for everyone.

Overall, I liked this addition to the series. I hope there’s more to come.

Ringside Romance Series

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