Lord Edwin Falls (The Traitor Lords Saga #3)

Title: Lord Edwin Falls (The Traitor Lords Saga #3)
Author: Adella J Harris
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: November 19, 2017
Genre(s): Historical Romance, Mystery
Page Count: 225 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Three traitor lords plotted to kill the king; now their sons must deal with the aftermath.

Alan Brideson has almost everything his father wanted for him: a prosperous business he enjoys selling objets d’arts imported from the Far East, a good address in town, and if everything goes according to his plan, he will soon have the last piece–a titled bride and entry into the world of the ton. All he needs is to cultivate a friendship with someone who has influence, who can help him get his vouchers for Almack’s famed balls. If only he could understand why he keeps dreaming about a certain dockworker he hired. Surely it was only because the man was an interesting puzzle who could read the languages that passed through the office daily.

Lord Edwin Gilford, younger son of the Earl of Martford, was studying Eastern languages at Oxford when his father and older brother participated in the plan to kill the king, and when they ran from agents of the Crown, so he wasn’t a suspect, and he wasn’t there when all of the Martford property was seized. Unable to find a position as a clerk because of his father’s treason, he takes any job he can get on the docks, where no one asks about Ed Martin’s past. At least until he gets a job at the Brideson Warehouse and accidentally reveals that he can read the foreign words on the crates. When Mr. Brideson offers him a position as clerk, he knows he should refuse, but the interesting work and promise of a guinea a week is too tempting, almost as tempting as Mr. Brideson’s kindness.

Working so closely makes it impossible to deny their attraction. But as Alan gets closer to the vouchers and the future he’s worked so hard for, Edwin knows he will have to leave. There is no way Edwin can go unnoticed and unrecognized in the world of the ton, and he will not repay Alan’s kindness by ruining his chance for a titled bride, and being seen with the son of a traitor lord would surely do that.

A gay – M/M romance novel set in the Regency period with a medium heat level. 82,000 words/ approx. 330 pages

This book was previously published with different distributor under the same title and cover. No changes have been made.

This was by far the best book in this series so far. I was kind of skeptical about reading this book after finishing book two but I have to say this one was so much better than the last that I am glad I read it.

This book does not focus so much on the plot to kill the King and the Lords that were involved but more on the aftermath and the pain and heartache that is caused by one of the sons that had no involvement in any of it but still had to pay the ultimate price for what his father did. Edwin was far away at college through all of what was going on back home but that does not matter to people because when everything that Edwin owns was taken from him by the Crown no one was willing to even lend a helping hand to him.

Edwin had to figure out how to forge out his own path. It was not easy either because his father and the crime he committed follows Edwin wherever he goes. Therefore Edwin finds himself homeless and looking for any kind of job no matter what it may be.

That is when he meets Alan. Alan is in the business of import. He is an up and coming business owner that has a knack to find rare valuables and silk and such. He is trying to build his business up and is doing a good job at doing so. When Ed shows him some crucial mistakes that could harm Alan’s business, Alan knows he needs this Ed Martin to work for him.

The more the two work around each other the closer they become until one day they become lovers. Of course it is a secret since the romance is forbidden but these two seem to just click with one another and this makes the fact they have to hide hints between them ok.

There is just one problem, Ed knows that when anyone realizes he is actually Edwin, son of a Lord Traitor, that it is going to hurt Alan and his business. This is why Ed knows he has to keep the secret, even from Alan. What will Alan do when the truth finally comes out? Or will Ed walk away from Alan before that can happen?

I did truly enjoy this book. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised. This was by far the best book in this series so far. If the next books are as good as this one was I will read them.

The Traitor Lords Saga

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Galley copy of Lord Edwin Falls (The Traitor Lord Saga #3) provided by Adella J Harris in exchange of an honest review.


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