Forget Me Not (Tosha’s Review)

Forget Me Not
Title: Forget Me Not (The Unforgettable Duet #1)
Author: Brooke Blaine
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: February 12, 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 165
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Three sugars, two creamers.

That’s how you took your coffee every morning at Joe’s Grab ’N Go.

But you don’t remember that.

You don’t remember anything.

Anything, that is, except me…

That day…

And the tragedy that catapulted us together.

Oh my gosh. This book just blew me away and let’s just say that the ending was definitely a whopper. I am still reeling from the ending. Talk about major cliffhanger!!! If you do not like cliffhangers then wait till the next book comes out before reading this one so you can read them back to back.

Ollie is a paramedic. For several months now he has been crushing on a man that he sees every morning at a store that he stops at. Ollie has never gotten the nerve up to talk to him. He believes that even if he does talk to him the man is straight.

On one morning in particular Ollie finally gets his opportunity to talk to this man that he thinks of as Bluebird. It is a crap of a morning for Reid because the latte machine is broken and Ollie takes this opportunity to at least speak to the man he has been crushing on.

After talking for a moment and finding out that the man’s name is Reid, Reid heads out for work and Ollie is on cloud nine because he knows he will be able to talk to him again the next day. But fate has other ideas where Reid is concerned and on how Ollie and Reid will cross paths again.

Ollie and his partner get a call to Abbas auto accident and the person involved is Reid. Ollie just about loses it when he sees him. It is everything he can do to make sure that Reid is taken care of the way he should be.

Reid has a serious head injury and is in a coma for a few days. When he wakes up finally he does not remember the recent past. He does not remember being a teacher or that he is in his late 20’s. But the one person he does remember is Ollie for some reason.

Can two men that barely know one another and one with a head injury find a way to turn their blossoming friendship into more?

This was such an incredible read with a twist you will never see coming. I am really enjoying this series so far and cannot wait to read the next book and see what is still to come. It is going to be explosive. And I cannot wait.

The Unforgettable Duet Series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Forget Me Not (The Unforgettable Duet #1) provided by Brooke Blaine in exchange of an honest review.


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