Separation (Susan’s Review)

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Title: Separation
Author: Louise Lyons
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: March 31, 2017
Genre(s): M/M, twincest, taboo brothers
Page Count: 134
Reviewed by: Susan
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Matthew Langford is told on his twenty-first birthday that he has a twin. After the initial shock, he quickly realizes this is why he always felt part of him was missing. His search takes him 200 miles to Devon, UK, where he meets fraternal twin, Tremaine Wheal.

The pair discover many things in common, and quickly become as close as if they’d never been separated. But when they share a moment in a nightclub, each realizes there is more between them than having shared a womb. Panic sets in and they part. Once again their separation brings loneliness and pain.

Eventually, unable to stay away from each other, they tentatively move forward together as lovers. But secrets don’t stay secret for long, and discovery and questions threaten their happiness.

This is a taboo story featuring twins.

With this book I got exactly what I expected from the blurb. A sweet romance between twin brothers who only meet when they’re 21.

Matthew is 21 when his parents tell him he has a fraternal twin brother. It was part of the terms of the adoption to wait until Matt turned 21 before telling him. Matt has always known he was adopted, but once he finds out he has a twin he knows that’s where the incomplete feeling comes from.

Matt immediately reached out to the adoption agency and finds out his brother wants to find him too. When he finds out his brother, Tremaine, lives 4 hours away, he immediately jump into his car and drives out to his house.

When the two meet it’s a bit awkward at first, but after their first meeting they seem to hit it off. They form a special bond so quickly they’re both a bit overwhelmed by it.

When the two go out and end up dancing together at a club, they get turned on by each other. And that freaks them out big time! But when they don’t talk to each other for several weeks, they know they can’t avoid each other forever since they both feel as if a part of them is missing….

This was pretty sweet. There isn’t all that much relationship angst although they stop talking to each other for a little while. But once they reach out to each other again, things go rather smoothly. I guess it’s unavoidable that their main issue was their environment and how they would hide their relationship from the people around them. But I wouldn’t say that part was overly dramatic.

There were a couple of things that felt a bit unrealistic, like they named their childhood pet the same and they both had an ex named Chris. Of course the Chris thing could be, but then they both named their pets Quincey, which is not much of a common name. And since they were fraternal and not identical I thought it went a bit too far with the twins-share-a-mind thing.

Still, this was a lovely twincest story.

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