Title: Lockdown
Author: Daya Daniels
Publisher: Sayad Books
Release Date: February 28, 2018
Genre(s): Dark Romance, Second Chance
Page Count: 84 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


A man like me was never meant to live beyond these walls—in the outside world. Men like me belong in places like this.

It’s where my heart doesn’t beat. It’s where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s where the word “love” does not exist, nor humanity.

Here, I am home.


This place is a sh*t hole—full of animals—monsters and men who lost their souls long ago.

How did I get here? Oh, yes right. I’ll have to tell you ALL about it. It’s quite funny actually.

But, my story might get cut short because…I just might not make it out of this place alive.

WARNING: This novella includes strong sexual content, strong language and instances of graphic violence. Intended for 18+ years and above.

This is not your typical romance novella. It is more a dark read with a pretty graphic scene of rape but if you can get past that one graphic scene then this novella was actually pretty good. There was definitely a HUGE twist at the end that really threw me for a loop. It was one that I would never have seen coming that is for sure. I have never read any of Daya Daniels writing before but I can tell you that this book truly shocked me, especially with the twist that Daya threw in there. I think that is what really made me like this book that much more.

Brees is an inmate in prison for killing a man. He knows what he did was horrible and for him to have killed someone, he is more heartbroken about it then any other murderer I would think. In Brees’ case I could almost say that if circumstances might have been different than I do not honestly believe he would have done what he did. But that is not how it is and he knows it. The only thing Brees knows to do is try to keep his head down, not make any enemies if possible, and to try to stay alive long enough to get out in eighteen years. That way he can try to atone to whomever he has to in order to make up for what he has done. But that is not going to be easy because Brees is not a fighter.

When Brees is put in a cell with a man named Jamison, Brees is more scared then he has ever thought possible. But it turns out that Jamison is not so bad after all. After being in the same cell together and starting to get to know one another, Jamison actually wants to become friends with Brees.

Jamison never thought that he could truly love someone. Not with his dead, black heart but meeting Brees ruined that theory thoroughly. Other then his son, he has never even really had love before so to say that someone could open his heart and eyes to love was like saying the world is flat. Totally unbelievable. But that is exactly what has happened.

What happens to these two men that are in an impossible situation when it comes to finding love together? Can two men that are locked up truly fall for the other, so much so that they start to plan a life together? Or is it all just a romance of convenience?

Like I said, the twist in this book makes it totally worth reading. In order to find out what the twist is, you will have to read it. But be forewarned, there is violence and a rape scene that is graphic but if you choose it can be skipped over. I will definitely check out more of Daya’s books in the future if there is unpredictability to them also.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Lockdown provided by Daya Daniels in exchange of an honest review.


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