A Deadly Kind of Love (Tom and Stanley #1)

Title: A Deadly Kind Of Love (Tom and Stanley #1)
Author: Victor J. Banis
Publisher: DSP Publications
Release Date: March 13th 2018
Genre(s): Murder/Mystery, Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 220
Reviewed by: LenaRibka
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

A Tom and Stanley Mystery

Nothing bad is supposed to happen in Palm Springs.

At least that’s what San Francisco private detective Tom Danzel and his partner Stanley Korski believe. But when their friend Chris finds a dead body in his hotel room bed, Tom and Stanley drive out to help the local police investigate.

What they discover is a rather nasty green snake and an elegant hotel that offers delicacies not usually found on a room service menu. As the body count increases, the two detectives are going to have to rely on their skills and each other if they’re going to survive this very deadly kind of love.

Continues the Deadly Mysteries Series published with MLR Press.

Some explanations beforehand:

A Deadly Kind of Love (Tom and Stanley Book 1) is not a first book of a TOTALLY new series by Victor J. Banis. Did the names ring a bell? Yes, you haven’t been mistaken. Of course not! Tom and Stanley. One of the most unforgettable couples that MM Romance genre can offer. The leading men and the main protagonists of Deadly Mystery Series. And A Deadly Kind of Love is actually the book#6 in this series. I ALWAYS welcome a decision to republish the good books that tend to fade into the background due to their earlier publication date, to give them a fresh look (or cover) to attract a new generation of readers, but I don’t understand the decision in this case. Why to make the book#6 of a well-known series to the book#1 of a new series?

BUT. The fact that the only book in Deadly Mystery Series that I haven’t YET read is the book #6 I PERSONALLY name a destiny. There is a BOOK GOD. I should go to the nearest public library, a temple of book God, and light a candle.

The reason WHY this book could be an opener for a new series, is probably because it is the first one that focuses less on Tom and Stanley’s relationship (they are an established couple now), but rather on the mystery itself. They work together as PIs in their own business and appear to be the best detective candidates for a murder investigation in a gay resort. You can imagine what’s going on here!

Though don’t deprive yourself of a pleasure to accompany Tom and Stanley in their journey from the very beginning. They embody the most stereotypical ideas of a gay couple that an average reader of MM Romance genre dreams about, and I swear, I’ve never used stereotypes and clichés in such a worshipful meaning. Tom, a heart-breaker and womanizer (in the past), an attractive muscleman, who hasn’t still used to his gay-ness (his only gay experience is Stanley, and it is nothing to do with him being gay, but with him loving ONLY Stanley). Stanley, a delicate openly gay ex-cop, an occasional drama-queen, who prefers to be rather an interior designer than a PI, who always gets into troubles and who can be already 100 times dead if not his personal lifesaver Tom.

If I have to describe this book in only one word, it would be FUN. FUN PURE. It is witty, funny, with an excellent ambiance, great dialogues, without any doubt- brilliantly written. The best place to read it- a summer holiday and you with a book in your right hand and a cocktail in your left hand, enjoying a view at a pool bar.

I wish the author a lot of inspiration and excellent health in order he could go on with the series and give us many many new books in WHATEVER series – Deadly Mystery Series or Tom and Stanley series. The main thing – it will be about Tom and Stanley!


Tom and Stanley Mystery

Deadly Mystery

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of A Deadly Kind Of Love (Tom and Stanley #1) provided by DSP Publications in exchange of an honest review.


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