Annabella Michaels: A Day in the Life of This Writer

GBR is thrilled to have Annabella Michaels here today to chat about her average workday and her latest book Found, which was released Feb. 23, 2018

A day in the life of this writer.

I’ve been asked many times about my writing process. What type of routine I have, am I a pantser or a planner, etc. So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to answer some of those questions.

Most writers fall into one of two categories, either pantsers or planners. However, I tend to fall somewhere in between the two. My stories are all character driven, meaning I let them tell me the story and I just help put it all together. By nature, I’m a planner though. I have lists and post-it notes all over my house and on my phone. It gives me a sense of security, I suppose, to have a plan in mind. This may have a lot to do with having two kids and a husband to keep track of. Haha!

When I start a new book, I always write an outline for it. Basic plot points that get me from point A to point B. Sometimes, a certain chapter will be planned out in great detail, other times it’s just bullet points. I use that as my template as I write the story, but it is ONLY a template. Once my guys start talking, it often veers off course and I love it when that happens.

I don’t usually listen to music when I write. I absolutely love music and it’s very inspirational for me, but I find that I’m easily distracted by it when I’m writing. My mood changes along with the songs and I end up singing along or daydreaming instead of writing. What works best for me is white noise. Thunderstorms with occasional clashes of thunder or ocean wave noises help me to stay focused and on point.

I typically work anywhere from six to twelve hours a day, depending on how many projects I’m working on. Some days are a mix between writing, promo, editing and searching for the cover images for my next book. I love it and wouldn’t trade any of it, although, I’d like to find more balance between work and personal time.

It is a dream of mine to eventually be able to write full-time and hopefully that day will come within the next year or so. Until then, I’m enjoying every minute that I get to spend with my guys, bringing their love stories to life.

Title: Found (Hamilton’s Heroes #1)
Author: Annabella Michaels
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: February 23, 2018
Genre(s): Mystery, Romance
Page Count: 192 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha

As a former USAF pararescueman, Jeremy O’Brien is used to following orders, no questions asked. So, when Micah, his boss at Hamilton Security, asks him to take on a special case, he readily accepts. Micah’s instructions are simple, find the man in the picture and bring him back to Chicago.

Seven years ago, Zane Wilkinson left the hospital against doctor’s orders, only to suffer a final, devastating blow that left him with no choice but to leave the only place he’d called home. Feeling heartbroken and empty, Zane moved from town to town just trying to survive, while never letting anyone get too close.

In a chance encounter, Jeremy finds himself crossing paths with a man who fits Zane’s description. His instincts tell him that he’s on to something, but Micah warns him that he needs to be absolutely sure. Jeremy sets a plan in motion that will allow him to get closer to the man he believes to be Zane. However, the closer he gets, the more he likes the man and begins to question why he was sent to find him.

Will Jeremy be able to follow through with his orders without becoming too attached? Or will he realize that in his search for Zane, he’s found so much more than he bargained for?

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