A Wish Upon the Stars (Susan’s Review)

Title: A Wish Upon the Stars (Tales From Verania #4)
Author: T.J. Klune
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: March 27th 2018
Genre(s): M/M Fantasy
Page Count: 450
Reviewed by: Susan
Heat Level: 2.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5

Blurb:A Gay Book Reviews 5+ star read!

Nearly a year ago, blinded by grief and betrayal, Sam of Wilds made a desperate decision to follow the Great White into the Dark Woods. Now, he emerges to a world changed.

The City of Lockes is a prison. The King has been locked away in the dungeons. The Kingdom of Verania has fallen, and the Dark wizard Myrin sits on the throne.

But soon after his return, Sam learns of a resistance fighting in his name led by a courageous knight, a defiant prince, a pissed-off unicorn, and a half-giant who wants to smash everything in sight. If he has any hope of defeating the villains who have taken their home, Sam must face the consequences of his choices—and the friends he left behind.

I was a little worried before I started this. How would it all end? Will TJ Klune be mean and let people die in this? You never know with him, so I was a little concerned. But I loved this!

What bothered me in the second book was that the humor that felt so effortless in the first book felt a bit forced in the second. I think the third book and this one was slightly less funny than TLSH, but didn’t feel as forced as in A Destiny of Dragons. There were so many laugh out loud scenes in this one that I couldn’t help but do the laugh-cry-hicup thing.

Sam has been gone for almost a year, and while he is prepared for everyone to hate him for leaving them without saying goodbye, he knows it was the right thing to do. And yes, everyone is mad at him. I didn’t really like that part, but because it was still pretty funny and over pretty quickly, I was kind of okay with it.

Ryan, Gary, Tiggy, Justin, and Lady Tina are leading the resistance while Sam was away. Of course Sam wants to behead Lady Tina immediately, but isn’t allowed to by everyone. Apparently Lady Tina is now good….

Sam still has no idea how to defeat Myrin, but since he is now a wizard and no longer an apprentice, he will come up with something….

This book was actually pretty slow. I don’t think much times passed in the first half. That surprised me a bit since months pass in the other books, but here we were still on the first day when half the book was over. This is not a complaint, just an observation.

I loved everyone in this (yes, even Lady Tina DaSilva), and I was glad we got lots of hilarious moments.

“Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Kevin shouted as he landed behind Caleb. “’Tis I! The Beast from the East. Lord Dragon of the Dark Woods. I have returned to rule over my subjects so that they may cover me in their golden showers.”
“That’s so gross,” Zero moaned. “Why do you say things like that? Adults are the worst.”
“I meant their shinies and pretties, little bro! Not their urine. I am not into piss play. Sam! Sam. Tell my little brother I don’t like being urinated on. Well, not that I’ve actually tried it, so I can’t say for sure. Never mind, Sam. Don’t tell him anything yet. I must further explore my kinks before I can say one way or another.”

I loved Sam and Ryan in this. Their relationship is always so intense and both are always so willing to sacrifice themselves for the other. Of course Ryan first had to yell at Sam a bit for leaving him. But after that we got crazy make-up sexy times, and lots of I love yous. It was wonderful.

I wasn’t sure how everything would end, but TJ pulled another surprise on us. And it was glorious. I think I want to marry these books.

An amazing finale to an AWESOME series.

“We’re all different now, right? Maybe that’s a thing Sam of Dragons likes. Get me some unicorn.”
“Really,” Gary said, a glint in his eyes. “Then you wouldn’t mind making out with me, if you like unicorns now.”
I swallowed thickly but put on my brave face. “Of course not. That sounds… just. Like. So hot.”
“Yeah?” Gary said, voice dropping an octave or two. I was sure it was supposed to be erotic, but it caused my balls to shrivel.
Two could play at this game. “I’ve thought about this once or twice.”
“What?” Gary squeaked. He coughed. “I mean, yeah, totally, me too. Like, I’m pretty sure I’m thinking about getting an erection right now.”
“Oh good,” I said. “Because I’ve already started to get one a little bit. Now, are you gonna kiss me, or are you just going to stand there and talk about it?”
“Here I come,” Gary said.
“Which is what I’ll be saying in like three minutes.”
Gary shuddered. “That’s so hot,” he managed to say, even though he sounded like he was about to be violently ill. “I can’t wait to see your orgasm face.”
“Yeah, it’s pretty… cool.”
Was I really going to do this? Yes. Yes, I was, because making out with Gary was going to prove that Lady Tina was evil. Or something.

Tales From Verania

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