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Please help me welcome Ari McKay as or guest author today!

Hello, everyone! We’d like to thank Gay Book Reviews for hosting us today, and also thank all of you for taking a few minutes out of your lives to get to know us a little better. I’m Ari, and my partner McKay and I have a new release coming out on March 9 — it’s from Dreamspinner Press, and the title is Heart of Glass.

Even though Christmas is past, the holiday plays a big part in the story. Through it, we highlight the differences between our character Asher, who grew up in a cold home with a succession of stepmothers and a father who not only couldn’t keep it in his pants, but who prided himself on the conquest. Not only is Ted Caldwell faithless to his wives, he full expects his son to turn out just like him. And Asher hates and fears nothing more than the thought of being like his father.

Then we have Zach Richardson, who is Asher’s opposite in almost every way. Zach was raised by parents who loved him and expected him to be his own person. They encouraged him to grow and do whatever he needed to be happy. Where Asher’s wealthy upbringing gave him everything material he could want, Zach grew up with something much more valuable — unconditional love.

It’s not only in upbringing, however, where the two men differ. Asher has complete self-confidence, he’s handsome a never lacks for sexual partners. Unfortunately, this is actually because he pays for them. Commitment-phobic because of his father, Asher finds it easier to pay for a succession of men to warm his bed, then sends them on their way well compensated. But none of them touch his heart, and he classifies sex as nothing more than one of his physical needs, like eating or sleeping.

Sex is another matter for Zach. He thinks of himself as tall and gawky and a bit of a nerd. Even though he’s been lusting after Asher for months, and even moved to Asher’s law firm to be closer to him, Zach doesn’t have the confidence to make a move. Fortunately for him, however, two of his friends make him over, showing him how to turn his long legs and big eyes into an asset. He’s all ready for a night on the town when duty calls, and Zach has to take some important paperwork to Asher’s home.

Unknown to Zach, Asher has scheduled a rendezvous for the night, and likewise Asher has turned off his cell phone and isn’t aware his companion for the night was in an accident. So when Zach shows up, Asher makes the natural assumption that Zach is his escort, and Zach, dazzled by Asher’s sudden interest in him, finds himself unable to resist Asher’s seduction. They quickly wind up between the sheets, and the chemistry between them is explosive enough to throw Asher completely off balance.

While Asher is pondering the extraordinary encounter, Zach is dealing with much worse. As he leaves Asher’s apartment he discovers that Asher believed him to be a male prostitute. Devastated, Zach is ready to resign from his position, to put an end to any dreams he had of Asher wanting to be with him. And Asher… well, finding out his hot encounter was with an employee is a problem — but not nearly as big of a problem as the fact he wants Zach back in his bed.

And this is where things get complicated!

We hope we’ve piqued your interest in Heart of Glass, and that you’ll give up a little more of your time to find out what happens to Asher and Zach. If you do, we promise we’ll make it worth your while.

Love to everyone!!! <3

Title: Heart of Glass (Lawyers in Love #3)
Author: Ari McKay
Cover Art: http://breearcher.com/
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: March 9, 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Holiday
Page Count: 133 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha

Fear of being like his unfaithful father has put high walls around senior litigator Asher Caldwell’s heart. Can former district attorney Zach Richardson knock them down to reveal the passionate man beneath the commitment-phobic workaholic, or will Zach’s own jealousy destroy what they’re trying to build?

A new life and a new love—that’s what Zach’s hoping for when he leaves the DA’s office and lets his friends give him a makeover. But the jury’s still out on whether the experiment was a success. His new look gets the attention of his boss and secret crush, Asher Caldwell, and leads to a seduction. Unfortunately, to Zach’s horror he learns that Asher assumed he was a paid escort. Asher is equally mortified to discover he had sex with an employee. Even so, the encounter meant a lot to both men, and they want to give dating a shot. Their romance born out of mistaken identity might work if Zack can trust Asher to be satisfied with the love of only one man… and if Asher can trust himself.

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Lawyers in Love

Author Bio

Ari McKay is the professional pseudonym for Arionrhod and McKay, who have been writing together for over a decade. Their collaborations encompass a wide variety of romance genres, including contemporary, fantasy, science fiction, gothic, and action/adventure. Their work includes the Blood Bathory series of paranormal novels, the Herc’s Mercs series, as well as two historical Westerns: Heart of Stone and Finding Forgiveness. When not writing, they can often be found scheming over costume designs or binge watching TV shows together.

Arionrhod is a systems engineer by day who is eagerly looking forward to (hopefully) becoming a full time writer in the not-too-distant future. Now that she is an empty-nester, she has turned her attentions to finding the perfect piece of land to build a fortress in preparation for the zombie apocalypse, and baking (and eating) far too many cakes.

McKay is an English teacher who has been writing for one reason or another most of her life. She also enjoys knitting, reading, cooking, and playing video games. She has been known to knit in public. Given she has the survival skills of a gnat, she’s relying on Arionrhod to help her survive the zombie apocalypse.

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