The Wolf’s Man Friday (Tosha’s Review)

Title: The Wolf’s Man Friday (Nose to Tail Inc. #2)
Author: Julia Talbot
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: March 20, 2018
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance, Mystery
Page Count: 201 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

The last thing Sebastian Zeller wants is to be pack Alpha. But when the pack leader, his uncle Ron, is attacked, he has no choice but to leave his beloved Colorado mountains and fulfill his duty as Ron’s heir—at least until his uncle recovers. In the meantime, he intends to lure the attacker out… and make them pay.

When Ron gets wind of Sebastian’s plan to catch the attacker, he doesn’t like the idea of risking his heir. That’s where Jaxon Reedis comes in—he’ll balance protecting the dark and sexy werewolf with pretending to be his personal assistant. He’s walking a fine line that requires all his foxy wit and craftiness… and that’s on top of the inescapable feeling that he and Sebastian are meant for each other. When the attacker returns, will they be able to maintain their deepening bond when danger threatens to tear down everything they’re building?

At first I really wondered if I was going to like this book or not. Sebastian acted really reckless in my opinion at the start of the book trying to catch his Uncle Ron’s (The Alpha) would-be killer. But the more I read this book the more I realized that Sebastian has so much on the line that if his uncle would have been killed that Sebastian would have to step up as Alpha and that was not what he wanted.

Ron knows that Sebastian is being reckless when it comes to catching the person or persons involved in trying to kill him and he has to put a stop to hat. That is where Jaxon comes into play. Bring in someone who can act as an assistant but also protect Sebastian if things can get out of control.

What Ron never expected to happen was for these two men to have such a strong attraction to one another. The more Sebastian and Jaxon get to know one another the closer they become. Before either realize exactly what is happening the two have mated each other.

Neither man could be happier about this turn of events but something is lurking in the shadows that could take all the happiness these two have found away from them. It is going to not only take these two men to figure out exactly what is going on but several of the pack to figure it out. Hopefully before it is too late.

This turned out to be a really exciting read. I really enjoyed it greatly. I look forward to the next book in this series. Julia Talbot did an incredible job on this book.

Nose to Tail Inc. series

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Galley copy of The Wolf’s Man Friday (Nose to Tail Inc. #2) provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.


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