Bad Attitude by KA Mitchell: Soda Quiz!

The wonderful K.A. Mitchell has provided us with a fun Soda Quiz! Good luck and be sure to pick up Bab Attitude, now available.

Way back when I didn’t know the Baltimore books were going to be a series, I was looking for a good-sized city on the Eastern Seaboard where having a regional soda company and bottling works sounded reasonable, since I knew a soda company was going to be important to the plot of Bad Company.

A lovely reader named Jen suggested Baltimore, and there we went. KZ’s Extreme-Crème made its debut in Bad Company, but since the characters—and the series—weren’t finished with me, KZ as a fictional brand of soda continues on. Sometimes it’s just a backdrop, and sometimes the characters are saying something with their choice of soda.

I love coming up with flavors and names for the different kinds of KZ soda, though Sasparilla and Birch Beer are pretty tame, as a reflection of their history as soda flavors.
I hope you enjoy the personality quiz I made up and this excerpt where Jamie and Gavin begin a bonding moment over the cold ones in Jamie’s fridge.

Title: Bad Attitude Bad in Baltimore #3)
Author: K.A. Mitchell
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: April 10, 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 210 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha


Bad in Baltimore: Book Three

Saving lives never used to be this complicated.

Gavin Montgomery does what’s expected of him by his wealthy and powerful family—look good in a tuxedo and don’t make waves. When a friend takes a leap off a bridge, Gavin tries to save him, only to fall in with him. At least at the bottom of the river he won’t feel like such a disappointment to his family. But he’s pulled from the water by a man with an iron grip, a sexy mouth, and a chip on his shoulder the size of the national deficit.

Jamie Donnigan likes his life the way it is—though he could have done without losing his father and giving up smoking. But at least he’s managed to avoid his own ball and chain as he’s watched all his friends pair off. When Montgomery fame turns a simple rescue into a media circus, Jamie decides if he’s being punished for his good deed, he might as well treat himself to a hot and sweaty good time. It’s not like the elegant and charming Gavin is going to lure Jamie away from his bachelor lifestyle. Nobody’s that charming. Not even a Montgomery…

Second Edition, First Edition published by Samhain Publishers Inc., April 2013.

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Bad in Baltimore Series


The sodas were in a row along the left side of the refrigerator, amber bottles with dark green and bright yellow labels and metal crown caps, but he didn’t recognize the soda brand.
He grabbed the first two and headed back.

Jamie had picked up the pillows and rescued the top sheet and covers. Sitting up against the headboard, he twirled Gavin’s Burberry boxer briefs on one finger. “Do you get these in neon colors so you can find them in the dark?”

The green was a little bright, but he liked the fit and the feel. “Of course. Never can tell if I’ll need to make a quick getaway.”

“Yeah, been there some nights.” Jamie rolled his eyes and sent the briefs flying.

Gavin put a knee on the bed. “Which one do you want?” He held out the bottles.

“You pick. I like ’em all.”

Gavin studied the labels: X-treme Creme and Ginger Peachy.

Jamie leaned over and matched his scrutiny. “It’s just soda, Gavin. You don’t have to live with the choice forever.”

“I’ve never had it.”


“Well, yes, I’ve had soda but—”

“Try the cream. Everyone likes it. I can’t believe you’ve lived in Balmer all your life and never had KZ.” Jamie popped the cap on his with a quick twist. “They were our reward on Sundays for being quiet in church.”

Gavin looked at the cross and the medal around Jamie’s neck, wondering if Jamie still went. Gavin hadn’t set foot in a church since his mother’s funeral. He wouldn’t ever again. “My mother didn’t allow us to have soda.” He struggled with the cap for a second before it came free with a moist hiss.

“I gotta say I wouldn’t expect you to just follow the rules.” Jamie took a swig and leaned back.

A flash of pride brought a smile to Gavin’s lips that surprised him. “Didn’t occur to me to break that one.” He sipped with caution. The cream taste was rich but overly sweet, overpowering the carbonation. “Now I know why.”

“Try this one.” Jamie offered his bottle.

Gavin eyed it with suspicion, then drank. Much better. The peach served as background to the spicy ginger and was completely unlike any bland ginger ale he’d ever been served. He nodded.
“Switch.” Jamie tugged the other bottle out of Gavin’s hand.

Gavin was glad he’d swallowed the sip because it made it easier to control his laugh. He glanced down at his dick. “Well, give me an hour and I’ll see what I can do.”


Author Bio

K.A. Mitchell discovered the magic of writing at an early age when she learned that a carefully crayoned note of apology sent to the kitchen in a toy truck would earn her a reprieve from banishment to her room. Her career as a spin-control artist was cut short when her family moved to a two-story house and her trucks would not roll safely down the stairs. Around the same time, she decided that Ken and G.I. Joe made a much cuter couple than Ken and Barbie and was perplexed when invitations to play Barbie dropped off. She never stopped making stuff up, though, and was thrilled to find out that people would pay her to do it. Although the men in her stories usually carry more emotional baggage than even LAX can lose in a year, she guarantees they always find their sexy way to a happy ending.

K.A. loves to hear from her readers. You can email her at She is often found talking about her imaginary friends on Twitter @ka_mitchell.

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