Red Fish, Dead Fish (Review by Lily G Blunt)

Title: Red Fish, Dead Fish (Fish Out of Water #2)
Author: Amy Lane and Greg Tremblay (Narrator)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: March 2nd 2018
Genre(s): Mystery/Suspense
Length: 11 hrs and 48 mins
Reviewed by: Lily G. Blunt
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5


They must work together to stop a psychopath—and save each other.

Two months ago Jackson Rivers got shot while trying to save Ellery Cramer’s life. Not only is Jackson still suffering from his wounds, the triggerman remains at large—and the body count is mounting.

Jackson and Ellery have been trying to track down Tim Owens since Jackson got out of the hospital, but Owens’s time as a member of the department makes the DA reluctant to turn over any stones. When Owens starts going after people Jackson knows, Ellery’s instincts hit red alert. Hurt in a scuffle with drug-dealing squatters and trying damned hard not to grieve for a childhood spent in hell, Jackson is weak and vulnerable when Owens strikes.

Jackson gets away, but the fallout from the encounter might kill him. It’s not doing Ellery any favors either. When a police detective is abducted—and Jackson and Ellery hold the key to finding her—Ellery finds out exactly what he’s made of. He’s not the corporate shark who believes in winning at all costs; he’s the frightened lover trying to keep the man he cares for from self-destructing in his own valor.

The story follows on from book #1 with the same characters and continuing storyline. This time around Jackson and Ellery are tracking down Owens, the ex-cop and now serial killer, who evaded capture in the previous story.  Jackson is recovering from a gunshot wound and is staying at Ellery’s home while his place is being repaired. Although their relationship is more established, Jackson is fearful of commitment and is struggling to see a long-term future with Ellery. As much as he wants it, he doesn’t think he deserves it or is good enough for him. The romance development is nicely balanced with the murder/mystery storyline. There’s a lot of dialogue with not much action during the first half of the story. I think you need to have read/listened to the first story to follow exactly what’s going on. We find out more information on Jackson’s background here.

Once the story got going, I was gripped. It’s intense, exciting, and somewhat gruesome in places. I thoroughly enjoyed the suspense-filled second half as Jackson and Ellery close in on Owens and also sort out their relationship issues.

There’s also four bonus short stories that are linked to the characters/plot and also Racing for the Sun. The serial killer storyline is wrapped up and a HFN ending, but the story’s not over yet.

I enjoyed listening to Greg Tremblay’s interpretation of the story and that he acts rather than just reads the text. His narrative voice is soothing and his voice evenly-paced. He imparts plenty of emotion when necessary and has created distinct character voices. Jackson and Ellery are so different in personality and their voices are perfectly suited to them. I thought Greg did an amazing job at portraying Jackson’s suffering when he was unwell and in pain, and also Ellery’s desperation when things go badly.

Fish Out of Water Series

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Review Copy

Audio copy of Red Fish, Dead Fish (Fish Out of Water #2) provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.


Lily G. Blunt writes contemporary gay romance. She loves to explore the relationship between two men and the intensity of their physical and emotional attraction. Angst often features in her stories as she feels this demonstrates the depth of the men's feelings for each other. Lily is forever writing imaginary scenes and plots in her head, but only a few ever make it to the page. There never seems to be enough hours in the day despite having left the teaching profession to concentrate on her writing! Lily discovered the wonderful world of m/m romance novels five years ago via fan fiction and went on to write stories in her spare time. With the encouragement of her friends and readers she decided to publish some of her work. Lily subsequently self-published several stories via Amazon and later published short stories with Torquere Press, Wayward Ink Publishing, and Pride Publishing.