Guardian Spirits (Spirits #3)

Title: Guardian Spirits (Spirits #3)
Author: Jordan L Hawk
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: May 18, 2018
Genre(s): Historical, Supernatural
Page Count: 260 Pages
Reviewed by: ColinJ
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Psychic medium Vincent Night and his lover Henry Strauss have spent months striving to uncover the dark secret harbored by Vincent’s dead mentor, James Dunne. Their only clue comes from a journal: Dunne was seeking to restore the Grand Harmonium, an artifact meant to breach the walls between life and death.

Fate seems to intervene when Henry and Vincent are offered a job investigating the haunted orphanage where Dunne lived as a youth. But the ghosts of the orphanage don’t rest easily, and the lovers soon find themselves in a battle to locate the Grand Harmonium before it falls into the wrong hands—and unleashes evil upon the world.

With this, the third in the series, the four core characters are all well established and most of their hang-ups have been thankfully overcome. Nevertheless, the one remaining piece of historical baggage is the focus of this book and as ever it dominates the characters affected. One more than the other as a new love interest is introduced for Lizzie. It is this blossoming love affair that seems the most bizarre aspect of the book. In a different time and place her gender issues may perhaps be something that can be effectively ignored, but here it would be a grand revelation and subject of some discussion, but not so. How this is ultimately resolved at the end of the book is even more open to query. It could be argued that it was not central to the plot and to explore this would confuse the story; however, if this were so then it should not have been introduced.

The characterization and how it fits with the plot is very well done as ever. There is a common feature whereby the allegiance of characters to good or bad shifts throughout making this an interesting mix of characters.

As would be expected the relationship between the two lead characters remains clandestine, but there does seem to be a slippage in their willingness to display affection publicly. The sex behind closed doors remains passionate but is no longer a central theme of the story.

Red herrings abound throughout the story and each chapter seems to bring a new revelation. There is a good level of tension and this is managed effectively within the plot making this an enjoyable read.

At the end the baddies get their comeuppance, the historical baggage gets resolved and all of the core characters are given a direction that allows for individual growth away from the small group. As such this would be a natural end to the series, although there is probably still a lot of mileage to be gained from the core premise of the series.

Spirits Series

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