No Luck (Jia’s review)

Title: No Luck
Author: Kayleigh Sky
Publisher: Kiss Drunk Books
Release Date: May 21st 2018
Genre(s): Romance/suspense
Page Count: 508
Reviewed by: Jia
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


Careful what you wish for…

Close to landing a role in a sitcom he hopes will show his father he isn’t a failure, Vane Riley loses everything when his boyfriend dumps him and his father dies. With nowhere to turn, he heads home to regroup and help his sister, Rose, keep the family diner afloat. Trying to ease his grief with a guy in a bar seems like a good idea until the guy can’t get rid of him fast enough. The last thing Vane expects is for his one-night stand to appear at his dad’s funeral with a quirky tarot reader on his arm and a romantic history with Rose.

Doug Moore is a widower who isn’t ready to move on, but he can’t seem to get the clumsy guy he met the night before out of his thoughts. After helping Vane get back into the car he somehow locked himself out of, Doug figured he’d never see him again and can’t believe his lousy luck when Rose’s loser brother turns out to be the hookup he can’t stop thinking about. Doug is determined to keep his distance, but when Rose hires him to renovate the family home Vane is now living in, there’s not much chance of that happening.

Though Doug wants nothing more than to resist him, Vane ticks all his boxes. Clumsy, needy, sexy and… Oh yeah. Paranoid. Not for a minute does Doug believe somebody is out to hurt Vane despite the strange accidents that have befallen him since returning home, but Vane is sure somebody wants him dead.

Doug is solid and steady. Vane is emotional and imaginative. Nobody’s trying to kill him. Doug is sure of it….

At first.

Vane leaves LA with no boyfriend, no money, no home, no phone and most likely no sitcom role. He has sex with a random stranger who turns out to be quite the jerk with his own emotional baggage, and later on someone seems to want Vane dead, or is it merely his imagination running wild? His confidence issue is tied to his former abusive relationship, his father and the fact his career hasn’t taken off the way he wanted. Vane’s character is likeable and changes through the story and gets more confident but it takes time. A new environment with new possibilities that he doesn’t see as very positive at first, turns out to be very good for him, at least emotionally. I liked Doug’s character, he’s caring, thoughtful and has a good heart beneath the mask he showed at first.

What I enjoyed most in this story is the way the author made me feel the angst Vane and Doug felt, their animosity towards each other while simultaneously being attracted to one another. I had fun reading their interactions and they had a lot of chemistry. The shift of perspective between Vane and Doug felt well timed and written. I preferred the beginning and the ending the most, the story was a little slow in the middle since the suspense starts around half-way into the story and there’s a large part where nothing much except ordinary life happens, even in between the incidents, which I could’ve done without as the book is rather long. I also felt a little cheated since the author skimmed over the development from animosity to pretty much being boyfriends, only mentioning that they had been meeting up more and more. According to the blurb one might think there would be some hurt/comfort scenes in the story, however Vane and Doug don’t really share much about their pasts with each other.

A minor thing I also wondered about was the diner’s part in the plot. Being in charge of a diner isn’t a walk in the park whenever one feels like it. Especially when the only help he seems to get is from a library book with no prior experience of his own and the diner having barely made it for the last six months. I chose to overlook this as it isn’t a deal-breaker to me, but it did feel off.

I liked the book despite this, although it could’ve been shorter.

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