Lover (Survivor #2)

Title: Lover (Survivor #2)
Author: TM Smith
Publisher: TTC Publishing
Release Date: April 19, 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, MMM Ménage, Mystery
Page Count: 218 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Life has not always been kind to Shannon Dupree. On the outside he’s carefree and fun loving, but when it comes to his past he’s evasive and secretive. Running away from emotionally bereft parents at just fifteen, Shannon escapes life with them but steps into the waiting arms of the devil.

Rory Landers is a rising star at the Bureau. His personal life, however, is nothing to write home about. He hopes to take his limited relationship with Frank Moore to the next level when they finally solve the Langford murder case, but that doesn’t turn out as planned. On the plus side, he meets free-spirited college senior Shannon Dupree.

Rand Davis finds himself fortysomething and single when his partner of more than a decade is unfaithful. Taking over the Cold Case Squad frees up some of his time, and Rand welcomes newfound friendships within the Langford-Moore family circle. He thinks relationships are not in the cards for him until he meets an agent with an attitude and a vivacious blond that make him want so much more.

Past, present, pain, and suffering collide, ushering in the possibility of a life and love worth fighting for. Although their personalities couldn’t be more different, their three hearts beat the same. Shannon, Rory, and Rand learn the definition of love, commitment, and strength and if they allow themselves, the trio will find all that and more—in each other.

Wow, I honestly did not think that TM Smith could make book two better than the first, but boy was I wrong. I really liked the fact that TM Smith kept with all the original characters from book one even though the main characters in book one are now supporting characters in book two. It made the book so much better because not only did we get a new story about some supporting characters from book one but we also got to check in with Frank and Taylor and got some more information about how their relationship is coming along.

This book revolves around Rand, Rory, and Shannon. Each of these men were connected to Frank and Taylor in some way or another. Shannon was Taylor’s best friend. Taylor is extremely protective of Shannon because both Taylor and Shannon had things in their past that made their friendship that much stronger. After the abuse that Shannon went through with his ex, Shannon does not trust easily. So the fact that Shannon has trusted Taylor and vice versa, they now have a close lifelong friendship. So much so that Taylor has invested in Shannon’s future and helping Shannon to secure his dreams of owning a dance studio. So when Taylor introduces Shannon to Rory, and sparks truly fly between them, Shannon decides to see where things can go between them.

But that does not mean that he is going to trust Rory with his past. Even though these two have become close and continue to become closer as time goes on, Shannon is not comfortable enough with sharing all the horrific things that he endured.

Rory is the agent that tailed Frank in book one. Though things did not end well with Frank and Rory, somehow or another a tenacious friendship developed between Rory, Frank, and Taylor. So when Taylor trusted Rory enough to introduce him to Shannon, he knew that a friendship was definitely possible between himself, Taylor, and Frank.

Then there is Rand. Rand is also introduced through Frank and eventually Taylor. He was the cold case investigator that helped to discover what was going on in book one. Of course Rand knows who Rory is since they worked together on Taylor’s case. But the fact that both men was attracted to other, it definitely puts a kink in Rory and Shannon’s relationship no one seen coming. Especially after Rand and Shannon meet and the attraction is there between them as well.

But this is an impossible situation since three cannot work in a relationship. Or is it?

This was truly an incredible read. Just like Survivor there are twist and turns that you do not see coming and just makes Lover that much better. I truly enjoyed this read and I hope that there will be another one. Hopefully it will be about Junior and Blair because I believe there is a story there as well. Regardless even if there isn’t, this was an incredible read.

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