His Wildest Dream (Portville Omegaverse #3)

Title: His Wildest Dream (Portville Omegaverse #3)
Author: Xander Collins
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: May 12, 2018
Genre(s): Gay contemporary romance, non shifter alpha/omega mpreg
Page Count: 128 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Dreams really do come true …

When Daniel goes into a debilitating super-heat while delivering a package to the office of one of the wealthiest men in town, he is horrified. It’s not like any other heat he’s had before, and he finds out it could have been caused by some very compatible pheromones.

Those of billionaire Cameron Styles.

He can’t fathom that Cameron could be interested in a young, poor omega like him, but when he’s asked to move into Cameron’s penthouse condo, he can’t turn down the chance to live out some of his dreams.

Cameron has hidden himself away in his penthouse ever since his omega partner was killed in an accident. He has made sure to not come into contact with anyone who might set off his powerful alpha hormones, or touch his heart.

Until Daniel walks into his office, that is.

After Cameron inhales Daniel’s scent and sees the sweetness in his eyes, he can’t get him out of his mind. But he’s afraid of love and pain, and most of all, of scaring an innocent omega with his depraved desires.

Can two people from different backgrounds let go of the pain in their pasts and come together to find the love they’re searching for?

His Wildest Dream is a Cinderfella-style romance of 46k words. It includes a May/December relationship between a sweet, virgin omega from a poor part of town and a reclusive billionaire single dad, and is served up with a big side of kink.

It is a very sweet, incredibly hot mpreg romance with kids, babies, a lavish wedding, and a super-HEA that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

I am going to completely honest when I say that I loved this book. It is one of those books that even though there are some sad parts to it, the happy parts completely outweigh the sad. I found myself laying in bed last night reading this book and I had the biggest smile on my face as I read it. It is definitely a feel good read.

Cameron has become a recluse alpha that spends most of his time at work. After he lost his omega mate a few years back, he has become scared to leave his penthouse. So much so that he actually moved his business to part of his penthouse and makes sure that he limits who he and his daughter come in contact with. Cameron lost the love of his life so he does not want to open himself up to meeting anyone else because he never wants to feel this pain ever again.

Though Cameron has done everything to limit his interaction with outside sources, Fate has another idea for him and fate makes sure that Cameron is knocked over the head with its plan for Cameron and his daughter Maggie.

Daniel has known his fair share of heartache, loss, and poverty. Even though he has not had the easiest life, Daniel is a very strong person, not to mention omega. He is optimistic and has this air of innocence about him that draws people in to his life.

When Daniel gets a job delivering packages around town, he never expects fate to step in and bring him in contact with the man that is about to change his life. Daniel has a package for a man named Cameron Styles and when Daniel goes to deliver the package something crazy happens to Daniel.

Daniel goes into heat and not just any heat either. It is the type of heat that Daniel has never experienced. But not just that, the man that brought this heat on so intensely is none other then Cameron.

Cameron tries to resist the pull that he feels towards Daniel but it is like the universe is conspiring against Cameron because not only does Daniel go into heat in his presence but his daughter immediately feels a strong connection to Daniel as well. Maggie, normally a shy child, immediately takes up with Daniel and begs Cameron to bring Daniel around again once Daniel is gone.

What is a man supposed to do? His child wants Daniel around. He, himself wants Daniel around even though he shouldn’t. But Cameron is terrified. Can Cameron overcome his fears in order to find happiness once again in his life? Or will Cameron push Daniel away even though it seems they are made for one another?

This was a great read. I truly enjoyed this book and I really want to read the next book when it is available. I think Jason’s story (which is who the next book is about) is going to be one of those stories that has a lot of ups and downs. I cannot wait to read it after reading this book.

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Galley copy of His Wildest Dream (Portville Omegaverse #3) provided by Xander Collins in exchange of an honest review.


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