Three-Man Advantage (Jia’s Review)

Title: Three-Man Advantage (Tripping #2)
Author: Ariel Bishop
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: June 2nd 2018
Genre(s): M/M/M Hockey Romance
Page Count: TBC
Reviewed by: Jia
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5


He can’t choose…

Leadership and setting an upstanding example are everything to Wisconsin Wendigos captain David Dickson. On ice, he’s got it all together. Off ice? Not so much. For years he’s been pining for not one, but both of the loyal alternate captains who’ve stood by him through thick and thin.

They’ve always had his back…

Sasha Ivanov and Bo McAllister have always seemed more into each other than into their captain. But when the stress of the season starts affecting David, they’re more than willing to step up and help him deal with it–by whatever means necessary.

He can’t resist…

When Sasha and Bo offer him everything he’s been wanting, David can’t say no, even though he knows it comes with an expiration date. But the more he finds himself fitting into their life, the more he wants what he knows he can’t have.

Can Bo and Sasha find room in their hearts for one more person? Will David let them bring him into their life? Or are these captains doomed to remain just teammates?

Find out in this steamy sports romance novel, featuring a team captain who’s too stubborn for his own good, a defenceman with a heart of gold, and a goalie who never has a problem using his words.

Three-Man Advantage is a standalone romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger! Also includes a sneak peek at Holding, Book 3 in the Tripping series, coming in October 2018!!!

When Wendigos captain, David Dickson, lets stress get the better of him it doesn’t take long for his alternate captains to devise a plan that will, hopefully, make their captain go easier on the team. For awhile it works, but then suddenly David is worse than he was even before their plan started. Which makes Bo realise that they must step up their game. In the beginning it’s fun and games but slowly it turns serious with a pining David, an oblivious Bo and Sasha who sits back letting Bo continue with his planning.

If you enjoyed the first book of the Tripping series you’ll definitely love this one. It’s the second book, however it can be read as a stand-alone. The characters are interesting and well written although we don’t get to find out much about their backgrounds. They have good chemistry and fit well together. The only thing I wondered about was, if they are best friends shouldn’t David know that Bo and Sasha are together since they have been boyfriends for about as long as they have known David… I loved the way Sasha and Bo acted toward each other and how they conspired together to bring David in.

There are some very domestic scenes, warm and caring moments, sexy times and amusing interactions sprinkled with hockey, teammates and ice time. The first book is good but this one is better in my opinion. I feel the story has more depth as it brings in their teammates and ice hockey more, giving us the chance to feel the team spirits and how close they are, like a family.

It’s written in third person perspective, alternating the chapters between David, Bo and Sasha giving us the chance of experiencing all three’s point of view. Story flows well and Sasha’s speech has a few russian words woven into it as well as grammatical errors since his English isn’t supposed to be that good.

Tripping series

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