In the Requiem (Parvathy’s Review)

Title: In the Requiem (Metahuman Files #5)
Author: Hailey Turner
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: May 21, 2018
Genre(s): Science Fiction, Military Romance
Reviewed by: Parvathy
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Never let go.

Weighed down by scandal, Captain Jamie Callahan must choose between saving his family’s reputation and his father’s political aspirations, or taking down the enemy once and for all. Choosing one over the other will have lasting repercussions he can’t escape. Whatever path Jamie ultimately picks, Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan will be right by his side to face the consequences. Kyle knows in a situation like this the only way out is through. Together they can make it to the other side, but surviving that journey will take everything they have.

One last chance.

Agent Sean Delaney is learning what it means to be part of Alpha Team through trial by fire. He wouldn’t change it for the world, nor would he give up the life he’s building with Staff Sergeant Alexei Dvorkin. But their time together is threatened by outside forces they can’t outrun. Having put the nightmare of Boston behind him, Alexei is focused on keeping his family safe, but he can’t have eyes on everyone. Alexei knows he can’t ignore the danger on the horizon, and when it strikes, he is unprepared for the tragedy it leaves in its wake.

Risking it all.

The odds are stacked ever higher against Alpha Team, and outmaneuvering a precog is a daunting, almost impossible task. Jamie knows something has to give, and when it does, it just might break him the way nothing else in his life ever could.

In the Requiem is the spectacular finale to the Metahuman Files series. What started in In the wreckage comes to a spell binding conclusion which is action packed, tender, gut wrenching and unbelievably mesmerizing.

This book is everything and more than I expected. There is a beautiful love story, there is plenty of action, there is suspense and it all comes together to make this book one hell of an amazing ride that will leave you breathless for more. I fell more in love with the characters and couldn’t believe the book got over. I did not want to leave their world. Never have I ever invested so much in a series and felt thoroughly satisfied. The emotions portrayed in the story is so real and tangible that you cannot help but feel for the characters. The story moves in such a way that we feel that we are right there in the middle of the book experiencing it all with the characters. The author has created a world that is spell binding in it’s every aspect and filled it with a bunch of characters who will forever stay in your hearts.

In the Requiem is the most beautifully crafted story and the perfect wrap to a wonderful series. I cannot wait to read the next series from the author. Highly Recommended.

Metahuman Files Series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of In the Requiem (Metahuman Files #5) provided by Hailey Turner in exchange of an honest review.


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