The Medium (Colin’s Review)

Title: The Medium
Author: Bonnie Dee
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: May 29, 2018
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance, Historical
Page Count: 197 pages
Reviewed by: ColinJ
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


To win a heart, he must risk his soul…

Cast out of his family for being a freak, psychic Justin Crump helps others find peace by using his ability. When he’s called upon to release a distressed soul from a haunted house, a child’s angry spirit draws him into a dark mystery. Equally intriguing is the skeptical homeowner, Albert. A man who has buried his sexuality deeper than the grave.

Albert Henderson humors his mother’s wishes by inviting the medium for a visit. While he doubts Justin’s gifts, he can’t deny one truth: the man stirs desire in him that Albert has spent a lifetime denying. Slowly, the walls of his proper life crumble. And when Justin proposes some emotion-free experimentation, neither imagines it might lead to love…and danger.

After learning the terrifying truth about the deceased child’s persecutor, the two men pursue a perpetrator of great evil. When they coax a confession from their quarry, the vengeful spirit unleashes power nearly beyond control. To free the earthbound ghost from the past that holds it shackled, Justin must risk his own soul. And Albert must find the courage to break free of the chains of doubt that will deny him and Justin the future of which they once only dreamed.

Warning: Contains mention of child sexual abuse.

This started out as a pleasant late-Victorian romance with supernatural overtones. The characterisation is good with identifiable and interesting personalities. The chapters alternate from the perspective of the two lead characters. There is little overlap in time and so the story proceeds smoothly. Secondary characters are also fleshed out where necessary. The underlying plot surrounding the ghost is delicately handled and a balance is struck between the explanation of the events and the emotions surrounding them. Given the nature of the theme, this is understandable.

Whilst there is nothing particularly new in terms of the central characters, they are likeable and have a clear interest in one another. There is use of common features such as misunderstandings and caution, which keeps them from the reality of their love, but it is clear that they will be together. The passion, when it occurs is expressive but comfortable.

The story offers both sedate description as well as moments of heightened tension. What is noticeable is that regardless there is a steady flow of the narrative. The effect of this is to gently move the reader forward but not to instil any emotional investment. This is an easy read and one that allows for the book to be completed without difficulty. However, apart from the theme, there is little to make it memorable.

The ending is quite predictable and all loose ends are tied up neatly. This was a novel that could have been very edgy and offer a high level of tension and emotion in the reader. The author’s choice to make the theme so approachable is an interesting one.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of The Medium provided by Bonnie Dee in exchange of an honest review.

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