A Family Affair (The Necromancer’s Smile #2)

Title: A Family Affair (The Necromancer’s Smile #2)
Author: Lisa Oliver
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: May 26th 2018
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 386
Reviewed by: Jia
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5


Necromancer Sy York and former Detective, Alpha wolf Dakar Rhodes are slowly learning to merge their lives together as true mates. With the steadfast Brock and loyal Brad, as well as Connor and Clive all sharing the estate with them, for the first time in his life, Sy feels as though he has a family around him.

But just as Sy’s starts to get used to his new life, an uninvited guest to his party brings trouble to the family group. Sy’s father has been scheming in the background for ten years and arrives complete with Sy’s new bride. Just as Sy remembers from when he was growing up, his father flatly refuses to accept Sy and Dakar’s mating and an angrily thrown power ball is just the start of the couple’s problems. To add mayhem to a volatile situation, Dakar isn’t handling the threat to his mating very well.

Dakar knew Sy was more powerful than him from the moment they met and has told himself a dozen times a day it didn’t matter. But a person’s inner thoughts have a way of exposing themselves, especially when magic users are involved. Angry and frustrated, Dakar lashes out – could this be the end of his and Sy’s mating before it even has time to settle down?

Read the first book and want to find out Sy’s father’s reaction? This certainly is it.

Three peaceful weeks are all they get before trouble comes brewing in form of Sy’s family and as that wasn’t enough it turns out that Sy’s relationship with his true mate isn’t as smooth-going as he thought. Sy’s father is stubborn and won’t give up, it’s not until closer to the end that we get a deeper understanding for his actions. I must say I was looking forward to this part. After reading the first and the second book of this series I’d say the author is really good at creating the illusion that we know the antagonists’ reasons only to find out there’s more at the end. All happens for a reason is a way to sum up this book. Insecurities and doubts can be lethal unless they are dealt with in time as Dakar and Sy are about to learn.
We get an added character to the family in the form of Sy’s grandfather, whom I really like. With a family like Sy’s he doesn’t need enemies. Brad is also more fleshed out and has his own thing going on as well.

These characters continue their journey and like in real life makes mistakes. Being fated doesn’t automatically ensure them a happy relationship and everything they do or feel is true to their nature before meeting their fated – I liked that a lot.

This book entertained me and though it didn’t leave the joyful sensation as the first did, it left me very satisfied. Probably because I already knew what to expect in terms of characters and the setting. The only thing needed to know before starting on A Family Affair is the epilogue in the first book, which you need to have read before reading this one. Similar to the first book, if you want to stop reading the series, just don’t read the epilogue in A Family Affair. This book also has som grammar errors but less than the first book.

I’m really looking forward to reading the third and last book of this series when it’s released.

The Necromancer’s Smile

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