Choices (Tosha’s Review)

Title: Choices (The Looking Glass #1)
Author: Penny Brandon
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 14th 2018 (first published January 3rd 2012)
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 44,000 words/130 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Marc was straight, always had been and always thought he would be, but when shown his true love in a magic mirror he was shocked to find out his true love was a man. Not only that, it was up to him to convince his true love they were meant to be together. All bad enough, but after finding Liam, the only way he’s able to persuade Liam to go out with him is to offer him sex – even though that was something Marc was definitely not ready for.

Liam thought Marc was crazy. Marc was straight and he was talking about true love and making a life together, but Liam didn’t believe in love and he certainly wasn’t going to fall in love with a crazy straight guy regardless of how sexy he was. But he hadn’t reckoned on Marc’s pushy attitude or his offer of sex which, no matter how much he knew he should, Liam couldn’t turn down.

I really love books like this that are straight to gay reads. For some reason these types of books really get my attention and keep it. I just love the struggle to overcome what one once previously thought about themselves to no longer be true and a new reality comes into play. It makes a book so much more interesting to have that drama aspect to it. Penny Brandon was able to accomplish that with this book and then some.

Marc has always believed himself to be straight. To one day marry a woman, have children, and to one day have the whole home with a white picket fence fantasy come true. But that reality is about to shift for him when he comes in contact with a magical mirror that shows you your one true love.

To Marc’s surprise his true love is a man. Talk about being thrown for a loop, Marc has been done just that. But after some true soul searching he decides to go ahead and find this man in the mirror and find out if what the mirror has showed him could possibly be true. It is not easy for Marc to accept but in order to find love and happiness he is willing to try.

The man in question that Marc saw is none other than Liam. Liam does not believe in love much less relationships. So when the gorgeous, very straight Marc seeks him out and tells him about the magical mirror and seeing Liam as the man he is meant to love and have a happily ever after with, Liam is firmly on the “not going to happen” side of things. He wants no part of love and he has his reasons why he does not want a part of it. But Marc is adamant. And Liam is curious how a previously straight man will now become gay all in the name of love.

Can two very different men with very different views on love come together to figure out if love does really exist? Can the magical mirror be right or is it wrong for he first time on true love winning out in the end?

This was really a great read. I truly enjoyed it and cannot wait to start book two. I have actually done things backwards in this series because I read book three first before I read the first book in this series but I truly look forward to book two. Penny Brandon did a great job on this series thus far.

The Looking Glass Series

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Galley copy of Choices (The Looking Glass #1) provided by Penny Brandon in exchange of an honest review.


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