Good Boys (LenaR’s Review)

Title: Good Boys (The Solomon Mysteries #1)
Author: Keelan Ellis
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: June 4th 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary, Mystery, Romance
Page Count: 222
Reviewed by: LenaRibka
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Having risen through the ranks of the Baltimore City Police Department to the elite Homicide unit as an out gay man, Paul Solomon has always prided himself on his integrity and self-reliance. As the last vestiges of his failed eight-year-long relationship fall away, Paul finds himself adrift, forced to rely on others to help him find his footing again.

When Paul and his partner, Tim Cullen, are called to the scene of a double murder of two high school students on the city’s west side, Paul finds the lives and deaths of the two boys hitting closer to home than he’d expected. With his personal life in upheaval, he struggles with the perspective needed to untangle the web of secrets and lies that led to their demise.

While working his way through the complicated case, Paul starts getting his life back together. After a date with an enigmatic young man takes a dark turn, he reaches out to an old flame who brings some much-needed lightness to his life. But Paul finds that relationships, like murder investigations, are never as simple as he’d like.

Sometimes it is good to have NO expectations at all. I picked up this book because of the category – a gay mystery. The author was new for me. I read the blurb and found it interesting. But to tell the truth, I didn’t expect this novel to be better than my last books: in the best case, not bad, but lacking on something to amaze and captivate such a picky reader as myself.

A pleasant surprise! This book was like a fresh cool wind in a hot day (not a thunderstorm, but very refreshing).

Who could imagine that it was not the mystery that would get my full attention, but the characters!

Tim and Paul together WERE.FUN.PURE. Completely different, but the most endearing guys.

Their harmonic team play was perfectly matched to each other and drew my whole attention. They seemed to enjoyed each other’s company immensely, and there’s plenty of banter that I, in return, enjoyed a lot.

The mystery itself then became of secondary importance.
But don’t misinterpret my thought: it doesn’t mean the mystery was NOT good, it was not THAT WOW-Jo Nesbø’s-MINDFUCK-kind of mystery, but a solid murder mystery where you definitely want to find out who-FGS-did-it-and-WHY. But, BELIEVE ME, this book wouldn’t be THAT good without Tim and Paul and their intercourse with each other.

Actually I reject to tell you more: there is a romantic spirit here, but if you expect a love story, you’ll be disappointed, the ROMANCE is just in the very beginning and NOBODY knows exactly what direction it will take. Tim and Paul are the partners of the Homicide unit of the the Baltimore City Police Department and work on a brutal murder case and at the same time try to bring order into their lives. Everyone on his own.

Hehehe. Oh, yes, you’ll have many wrong ideas on this case, but I am not going to tell you more.

I’m already looking forward to the next sequel, and hope it will appear pretty soon.

The Solomon Mysteries

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Good Boys (The Solomon Mysteries #1) provided by NineStar Press in exchange of an honest review.


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