The Recruit (Tosha’s Review)

Title: The Recruit
Author: Addison Albright
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Release Date: June 16, 2018
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 69 pages / 22,181 words
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


Albert Manlii has walked this earth for more than two thousand years, but survival on his own was never easy. Now he leads a faction of highly organized vampires who carefully guard the secret of their existence. Unlike the old days, potential recruits are carefully selected and presented with an offer.

Phillip Brewer has weeks to live—if he lets his disease run its course. He doesn’t want to die, but given a choice, will his desire to live outweigh his concerns about the vampires’ ethics?

When the new recruit’s missteps are cause for concern, can Albert control the fallout, or will Phillip’s life once again be torn apart?

This was a decent short story. It takes place in modern time but with some paranormal vampires added into the mix. This book is a short story but it is pretty much a full story that was well written.

Phillip is facing his immortality each passing day. Though he has accepted the fact that he does not have much time left on earth due to having incurable cancer, he still wishes that things could have ended differently for him. But knowing he has such little time left on earth and that each day is going to be worse then the last, he has made his mind up on how his life will end….. on his terms not cancer’s.

Albert is the head of his coven of vampires. Vamps are not like what they used to be when he was first turned thousands of years ago. Now things are different. People are chosen to become vampires and there is no feeding off of people. That is what blood banks are for. So when they choose to bring someone new into their mix, they chose someone who is terminal, who has no family ties, and someone who chooses to become one of them.

When Albert catches the scent of Phillip, he knows that he could be his blood-mate. The only issue is will Phillip choose to believe in the unbelievable and become a vampire or will he refuse and continue on with his own plans?

This was a good short story with a decent storyline behind it. I enjoyed this book. Addison Albright did a good job on this book. It was an enjoyable read. I look forward to more by Addison in the future.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of The Recruit provided by JMS Books LLC in exchange of an honest review.


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