Expecting: An Mpreg Romance (Pine Wood Falls #1)

Title: Expecting: An Mpreg Romance (Pine Wood Falls #1)
Author: Sarah Havan
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 21, 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary, Non-shifter MPreg Romance
Page Count: 335 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Conrad Mayfair is finally becoming comfortable in his own skin, so he wants to tell his best friend Mason that he’s gay and in love with him. He can’t seem to get the words out, though. But soon the flirting starts, followed by a weekend of marathon sex, and the shocking news a few months later that Conrad is going to be a father.

Something’s going on with nineteen-year-old Mason Donnelly. He seems to be developing breasts, has felt sick for months, and is constantly tired. After a doctor’s appointment to try to figure things out, his life flips upside down. He learns not only is he intersex, but he’s also pregnant, a condition only made possible because Mason is an omega and Conrad is his alpha.

Conrad and Mason are introduced to a new way of life they knew nothing about. While Conrad is willing to jump in and accept it, Mason isn’t so sure. Together, they have to decide if it’s a life they truly want.

*this is a non-shifter romance
*this is a great introductory book for those not familiar with this genre
*this book will introduce you to a secret omegaverse set inside the real world

I have to be honest and say that this book totally blew me away. I already love MPreg books but this book was different from the other books that I have read. Sarah Haven did such an amazing job on writing this book. I am thoroughly impressed.

Conrad and Mason have been best friends since middle school when they met. Mason has always known he is not as butch as other guys and he has always known that puberty was much later for him than normal but he has tried to accept that fact and not let it affect the way he looks at himself. Another thing that Mason has always known and has never hidden is the fact he is gay. The one thing he has never been honest with Conrad about is the fact that he is in love with him. He does not know how Conrad will react much less feel about it since Conrad is straight. Or at least mostly straight. Lately Mason has been wondering about that though.

Conrad has known for a while that he is gay but he has not told anyone. Just like he has known for a while now that his feelings for Mason have changed from best friend to more as well, but again he has not told anyone. Conrad is just now accepting what he knows to be true about himself and his feelings for Mason. He does not know if Mason feels the same way and if he does, if things will change between them because of those feelings. But Conrad also knows that he has to tell Mason because it is getting next to impossible to hide from him.

What neither man knows is Mason is of the Omega blood line, whereas Conrad is from an Alpha bloodline. And neither man is aware of what a heat is or how it affects an omega and his alpha when they are true mates. But both men are soon to find out. Not only is their relationship about to completely change between the two of them but so is every aspect of their lives. Especially when they find out that even an omega male can and does get pregnant.

How will these two men handle all the surprises that is coming their way? Will they be able to handle all the changes or will one or both decide that it is just too much to bear?

This was an extremely good read. Sarah Haven did such an incredible job on this book. I have read many MPreg books but I have to say that this one is so completely different than any of the others I have read. You just have to read to understand what I am saying. Definitely a highly recommended read. I cannot wait for the next book in this series to come out!!!

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Galley copy of Expecting: An Mpreg Romance (Pine Wood Falls #1) provided by Sarah Havan in exchange of an honest review.


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