Blog Post – Made In Portugal by Ana Newfolk

Title: Made In Portugal (Made In series #1)
Author: Ana Newfolk
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 1st 2018
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: 68,000 words approx.
Cover Design: Jay Aheer


At 10 years old Joel was uprooted from his home and world in Portugal to a new life in the States. At 26 he finds himself returning for the first time in thirteen years. So what if looking again into the eyes of his childhood best friend still makes his heart race out of his chest?

Living in sunny, laid-back Portugal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For David, dreams of being a pastry chef come second to working in his family’s café where his renowned custard tarts bring in the crowds. Seeing Joel brings old feelings back. Feelings he’s not sure he’s brave enough to acknowledge to anyone other than himself.

With the inspiration of an old travel journal, the two friends embark on a real journey through memories in a country where looking back runs as deep as the red blood that courses through their veins. For Joel, it’s all about rediscovering his Portuguese roots, while David has always wanted to travel the country and learn about its diverse traditional desserts.

Falling in love was never a stop along the way, but maybe inevitable when you have the adventurous spirit and courage to pursue what you want, make love under the stars and even figure out how to jumpstart an old Citroen 2CV in the middle of the Alentejo countryside.


Naming Characters

I took some time choosing the names for my characters. It was important to me that they felt genuine. For a story that is set exclusively in Portugal, it wouldn’t have read well to give the characters English names or English spelling, but I also didn’t want readers to spend a long time working out how to say the names in their head.

I’ve read books where I can’t pronounce the characters’ names and it puts me off until I make up the spelling in my head and just run with it.

David and Joel are my main characters and they were going to appear quite a lot so I chose their names because they are interchangeable in Portuguese and English. They are spelled the same way and there’s only a slight change in pronunciation. The same goes for Max and Isaac, and future characters for book 3 (you heard it here first!), who also feature in Made In Portugal.

The rest of the characters have names that are a lot more Portuguese sounding and I also spelled them in the Portuguese way, which is why there are a lot of accents in the names.

Tânia, Joel’s cousin, for example, could have been spelled Tania, and I’m sure nowadays there are a lot of people in Portugal that go without the accent. Giving her the accent reminds readers that she is Portuguese. And the same went for other characters.

The grandmothers both have slightly older fashioned names which may be harder to pronounce so mostly they are Grandma and Great-Grandma.

What I didn’t realize until the very end is that in real life I only know maybe one or two people with the names I used in the book. I guess that avoids any awkward conversations!


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Ana Newfolk was born in Portugal where she grew up surrounded by sunshine and countryside. She has always had a deep love of reading, and ever since she can remember her favorite presents and treats have always been books. She would often be found in her not-so-secret spot reading her favorite adventure books (when she was younger) and romance novels (when she discovered boys). At 20 years old she moved to the UK where she has lived since.

In 2015 Ana stumbled across her first MM romance novel by chance, and she was hooked. She loves reading about men falling in love, hard, fast and ever so sweetly. This new found love for LGBTQ+ romance has opened a new world for Ana, and in 2017 she decided to finally listen to the voices in her head and write them down.

In addition to the time she spends reading and writing Ana has a full-time job that involves meeting lots of people with interesting stories to tell. She also loves baking as much as she loves watching people eat what she creates, much to the delight of family, friends and work colleagues alike.

You can follow Ana on FacebookTwitterInstagram or through her blog for up to date news of her book releases.


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My biggest no-no’s are cheating, miscommunication / misunderstanding plots, unnecessary angst, and cliffhangers.

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