Frankie—Unforgettable (Man Up #3)

Title: Frankie—Unforgettable (Man Up #3)
Author: Felice Stevens
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: June 7, 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 212 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5



No one understands why I love him.
Why I need him.
Why I took him back.
But they don’t have to.
I know.
Despite the hurt and the heartache, I see beneath his skin.
And I’m different now.
No more Flirty Frankie. I’m done with being King of the club.
My dreams have changed, and so have I.
I’m stronger.
I believe in myself.
And I’m a hell of a lot smarter than a year ago.
Now it’s his turn to show me the man he really is.
To prove it.
I’ve always loved him.
But that’s not enough.
I need to learn to trust him.


No more excuses.
No more chances.
I make this right or lose him for good.
I have to do this.
No one has ever believed in me but him.
No one has ever wanted me but him.
I can’t let him down.
I won’t.
I can’t let myself down.
I’m trying, but it’s so damn hard.
No matter what they throw at me, I’m stronger.
And I’m going to make it.
I’m on my way.
With Frankie by my side.
I can see the future.
I have a future.
Us. Together.

Another fabulous book by Felice Stevens. So far this series has been just incredible. I have loved every minute of this series thus far. And I cannot wait for the next book to come out.

Frankie and Aaron were introduced in the last book. Frankie is Austin’s best friend and a fellow dancer at the club, Man Up, they both dance for. Frankie was portrayed as a carefree man that even though he had problems in his life, they did not get him down. But that is not completely the truth. Frankie was just trying to find a way to forget about his past with Aaron and he pain he went through when Aaron messed up and was sent to jail.

Now Aaron is out and wanting to make things right with Frankie. Though Frankie is still in love with him, he cannot take Aaron at his word on that Aaron has and is going to continue to try and change. Aaron really messed up things horribly with Frankie and he knows he is even lucky to have Frankie even consider talking to him, much less taking things slow and trying to start over and build a life together.

Frankie and Aaron both know it is not going to be easy because they both have a lot of pain they have to work through. They also know in order to get to a better place together they are going to have to learn to communicate with the other instead of getting mad and yelling at one another.

It is not going to be easy, they have to learn to trust each other again but they also have to learn to trust themselves and both men are going to have to do some soul searching to figure out just who they are and what they want out of life. If they can do this and work together they may just have a chance. Can two men that love one another work through their painful past and build towards a new and better future together or is their relationship doomed to repeat itself over again?

This book was a really good read about redemption and learning to live and forgive oneself. About second chances and learning who we are on this inside, and learning to control ourselves even when the world seems completely out of control. Frankie and Aaron have a long road ahead of them in this book. The past could very well tear them apart if they do not learn how to open up about the fears they have. Felice Stevens did an incredible job on this. I enjoyed it tremendously. I so look forward to the next book and I especially cannot wait for Felice to write and release James’s story. That man is going to have an amazing story I do believe and I cannot wait to read it.

Man Up Series

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Galley copy of Frankie—Unforgettable (Man Up #3) provided by Felice Stevens in exchange of an honest review.


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