Father of the Groom (Susan’s Review)

Title: Father of the Groom (Love and Care #1)
Author: Silvia Violet
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: June 26, 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 109 pages
Reviewed by: Susan
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


Avery has a good life. He loves his job as a makeup artist, and he’s ecstatic about being Twink of Honor in his best friend’s wedding. He’s more than capable of supporting himself, but that doesn’t stop him from longing for an older man who’ll take care of him.

Graham Hillingdon has finally repaired his relationship with his son, and he’s thrilled to be part of his son’s wedding day, though he wishes he had a plus one to bring with him. Sadly, he has yet to find a man who appreciates both his dominant and nurturing sides; maybe even someone to call him Daddy.

When Avery and Graham meet at the wedding, attraction sizzles between them, and they end up spending an insanely hot night together. Graham makes sure Avery knows exactly who’s in charge in bed, but afterwards, he’s exquisitely gentle. This is just what Avery needs, and Graham is certain he’s finally found a man who desires what he has to give. Neither of them want to part the next day, but between their age difference and their reluctance to reveal their relationship to Graham’s son, they wonder if they have any chance for a future together. But as perfect as they are for each other, shouldn’t it be worth the risk?

Those who read my reviews know that I’m very allergic to what I call unnecessary and fabricated angst. It is a known trope in lots of books. A sudden fight and/or break-up so that the couple can get back together at the end. I don’t mean real angst where a couple fights with good reason, but the angst simply put in to create a break-up or add some (more) drama.

Well, this book had the most unrealistically fabricated angst ever. I still can’t get over the subject these guys were fighting about. It was OTT ridiculous and made it lose a star in my rating.

Avery is Felicity’s ‘Twink of Honor’. He is a flamboyant twink who’s not afraid to express his true self with clothes and make up. When Avery meets the groom’s father he melts into a puddle of goo on the spot. Graham is everything Avery’s kinky mind looks for in a Daddy.

Graham is immediately smitten with the pretty man he meets at his son’s wedding. He knows he has to have him, so he lures Avery in with a promise of a one night stand, while plotting how to keep Avery forever. Luckily Avery doesn’t want to let Graham go either…

These men were pretty sweet together. Avery was cute and Graham wonderfully dominant in the bedroom. These guys love to play daddy/boy games, but they didn’t want full on age play. I seem to have developed a love for all daddy kink, so this was just fine by me.

But just when I thought things were going really well, we got to the fabricated angst part.

Both men are pretty nervous about what Graham’s son Carter and Avery’s best friend Felicity will say about their relationship. Especially since Avery is Carter’s age. But when Graham meets with Carter and Felicity for lunch they kind guess with whom Graham spent the night. They are pretty okay with it after the first shock.

When Avery finds out the next day that Carter and Felicity know about them but Graham didn’t tell Avery that, Avery is super mad and runs off. Felicity needs to fetch Avery and make him come back to reconcile with Graham before she takes off on her honeymoon.

That whole part was so ridiculous. Avery was angry because Graham didn’t tell him Carter and Felicity guessed about their relationship. I mean, come on!!! No one was upset they were together and Avery was making such a huge deal out of this.

Talk about fabricated angst…..

I was sad it included this because I really did like Avery and Graham together. So yes, this could have been better.

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